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Less options...


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This week i'm starting to panic that my SW 'naughty' food options are eventually going to be non-existent!!
What i mean is things like quorn sausages, that where once free are now synned :cry: and butchers not being able to get certificates for 'syn free' sausages/meat etc anymore. Even my fall back, meat free burgers have gone up (granted only half a syn but still!)
Obviously the superfree/free foods will still be options but slowly everything is going up in syns and i feel as though i'm actually eating a lot less for my 15 syns than when i started last October! Does anybody else agree or am i just worrying for nothing!! :confused:
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I have been thinking the same - partriculalry Joe's Sausages. They no longer get certification - but hey still claim they are free.
I was wondering if they are stopping their certification as they are going to introduce their own range like WW have!
I honestly think you are worrying over nothing. There are so many free foods to choose from on SW that the fact that a couple of things have changed should make no difference. Syn values change all the time - some things go up and others come down, it's just one of thse things. Look on it as a chance to introduce more variety into your diet by trying some different foods.
You don't need to believe or dis- believe, just enter the nutritional info into the syn calculator, they are free! It is not their fault that SW stopped issuing certificates!


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All butchers sausages/product certification is stopping - once their valid certificate expires then they are not certified by Slimming World as being syn-free. There were a number of reasons behind this - some butchers were claiming certificates they didn't hold, and others were changing recipes and introducing syns but still claiming syn-free and a few other reasons.

Joes Sausages, and a few other retailers have promised that they are not changing recipes - so are in effect still free - just not certified by Head Office as such. Whether you choose to believe them - is up to you - you could always put the nutrional information into syns calaculator and use that result instead.
In my experience not many butchers are able to provide the nutritional information on their products. If Joe's do that then youa re sorted as long as you are a group or online member and have access to the syn calculator. Otherwise yes you need to be willing to trust them.
charleybabes said:
are the joes sausages still free though, even though they are not sw approved??

( because i had three yesterday and am wondering if i need to have synned them now!)
If you put the nutritional info into the syns calculator they come up as free, so unless joes are lying to us, you'll be okay.

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