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i do.. but my WI is an 9.30.. so i try not to drink anything before hand.. and then pure gulp it down afterwards.. dont know if this actually makes any difference.. or is psychological.. lol..

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i do.. but my WI is an 9.30.. so i try not to drink anything before hand.. and then pure gulp it down afterwards.. dont know if this actually makes any difference.. or is psychological.. lol..

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Lucky you, mine is at 8.30pm. I now take my soup with me in a thermos so I can have it as soon as I step of the scales :).
I do drink less on weigh in day but I have found it does not make much of a difference. I am hoping for a good weight loss this week.
It should be I have been good with the exercise.

Deb G

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I weigh at 7pm, so I make sure I've got 3 litres down my neck by midday - then I drink nothing until after I've been weighed (my 4th litre usually!).
Drinking less to get a lower scale reading will only work the first week that you do it. Because if you kept lowering it each week you would end up not drinking anything that day which is really unhealthy.
If your weigh in is in the evening then i would suggest you drink at least 3 litres before you session but maybe only have a few sips in the hour/2 hours leading up to it so that your body has chance to expell the excess water you have drunk and give you a more accurate reading.


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I drink the same amount on WI day as I do any other day but I do stop drinking about 3 hours before WI, it doesn't make a huge amount of difference but it makes me feel better :D As long as you follow the same pattern every weigh in day it really is irrelevant.

Deb G

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It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it is the same each week, and as long as you are not depriving yourself of water all day (as that will make you ill as you need it to flush the ketones from your body).

I've always stopped drinking at midday when I've weighed, so I know that the loss is correct.


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I carry on as normal and drink 4 litres before weigh-in. I leave my shoes on too, though last week I did wear jeans with a hole in to help a bit!

As stated earlier - if you have the same routine then it doesn't matter. I'd rather drink normally throughout the day as that is better for you.


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I quit drinking at 4 (having had about 4 litres by that point) have a few sips only if I've got a dry mouth until WI at 7:30 - then have another litre post WI. Also with that much water, have to make sure I have a good few visits to deal with the after effects - it's all extra weight!!!
Thanks to everybody for your posts. I was reading some article that said 1ltr water weighs 1 kilo which was quite a shock!! I have been doing as most of you and drinking as much as poss by lunchtime then no more till after weigh in! The other article was about the amount of water to drink per body frame eg tall, petite, it said that someone 5ft 7" and 12st was ok on 4ltrs but someone else at 5ft and 11st should only be having 3ltrs!!!!! What do you think??????? Rosie xx


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I don't eat or drink anything before my weigh in but it's at 11am so I take a bottle of water and a bar with me and have them as soon as I'm weighed. Then continue as normal the rest of the day. I agree with other posts though, if it is later in the day, then I would drink my normal water. According to my LLC not drinking enough can make you weigh in as more!
I do drink less in that I don't drink for a couple of hours before my weigh in (8pm) but I do have at least 3 litres prior to that and have well over a litre while I'm there and later. It's not that I drink less I just make sure that I always eat/drink about the same each week so that it's a 'true' reading, in the same way that I always wear similar clothes.

Probably don't make that much difference but I feel better knowing that it's standard :)

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