let down again


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Hi everyone
Was so happy last week and this week just seems to be gettting worse. Have been let down by a very close friend and just feel like diving into a big plate of comfort food :( .
Only others that have weight to loose can really understand this feeling, like it is the answer to feeling so c**p. Only my 1st day on SS and think i will go to bed or will not get through .... Tomorrows a new day X
Stick with it honey - i know exactly how you feel. Went away for a girlie weekend with 5 mates last weekend and was badly let down by one of them who i considered my closest. It makes you feel rubbish i know. I now have a birthday meal to get through this sunday with 4 of them including her that was already organised! It seemed churlish of me to pull out when its for my birthday!

Keep going!
Awwww honey, I am so sorry you are feeling so down, its pants when people let us down, and I really do comfort eat when I feel sad. I took a few early nights in my first week to get thru it, so don't feel bad that you have too. Keep reading peoples blogs for inspiration and get over the first few days as they are the worst.