Let myself down :(


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Well I was all geared up for my meal out felt positive about avoiding the fudge cake but crumbled when the desert menu came round and everyone else ordered one :(
Managed to convince myself that I could work it off and eat light and lower carb meals before weigh in on Tuesday. I only allowed myself to eat half of it but still sat and kicked myself after! It's the only treat I've allowed myself this week but it's just not the point! I still have a long way to go to change my perspective on food, let's just hope I've still done ok when it comes to weigh in!
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Are you able to point what you ate, and how many days til weigh-in? If you can and you've got time to pull it back then I'd just see it as a try-out future experience. Once we reach goal, we won't avoid indulgences for ever! We have to learn how we can have our cake, eat it, then eat well after in order to manage our weight :)

My meal last night turned out to be a massive waste of points. Had saved all day and a few from the previous days to account for the ribs I wanted to order. The ribs arrived with 50% of the 'meat' actually being fat - have taken all the actual meat there was barely 100g of it (estimation), the side salad that came with it was drenched in oil (despite asking for no dressing) which left me eating many more chips than I had anticipated because I was so hungry!!

Still - England won the rugby!


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I pointed it as 21 point (shocked face)!
As I hadn't used any of my weekly allowance the desert and extra I ate with my main course I still have 9 weekly allowance left and 15 exercise points so I'm hoping it should still work out ok. Will be interesting to see how weigh in goes as last week I only used 5 of my weekly allowance and didn't lose any weight! I'm only on week three so I still need to find out the balance of weekly allowance and weight loss. Fingers crossed x


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That's a good thing that you are still within your points! So you shouldn't be beating yourself up! I always have a treat over the weekend as I always try and use all my weekly points :) I'm sure you'll do fine! Don't worry too much and just stick within your points, you'll most likely be pleasantly surprised!