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let myself down


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went to liverpool last weekend lasted to about 3 pm but drivig up from stranear could not resist the crisps and sarnies i made 4 the boys could not stomach the warm shakes so i decide to have the 4 days off. I am so ashamed of myself didnt have deserts when we had r meals and tried 2 eat healthy but cant believe i caved so easy .back on the wagon on tuesday when i got home .so here i go again with the headaches . have to stay strong as iam going 2 c take that in dublin 19th june with my lovely sister who will be 5 months pregger so i dont want it 2 look like we both r lol x:(
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I will conquer!!!
Don't worry to much hun, Rome wasn't built in a day! ;) Make sure that you plan for times like these. A nice bottle of ice cold water! :p Yea, I know it's not the same as food but hey, so what!! lol Well done for resisting puddings after meals though. See, that proves you CAN do this! Chin up kidda :D
Jackie xx
It happens to the best, don't beat yourself up about it too much...you're not gonna be off food for ever. the only thing that's keeping me going is the prospect of really being able to enjoy food guilt free when I come off this thing! I want to think about what I eat, really think about it, and eat really healthily. You came off the wagon. So what, get back on, get it done..then get back to your normal life...you can do it!!!xx


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Ginagee... dont beat yourself up over it... just pick yourself up and get back on with it. I had to go away all day Wednesday and took shake and water with me.. when it came to shake time, the water was warm and I couldnt bear the thought of a warm shake... has to be ice cold otherwise I cant drink it ...YUK!!!! SO I ate something too.

I hope your headaches pass soon - just make sure and drink plenty of water. xo


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jackie ,tan debs, thanks 4 the support the is the place 2 get u back on track. bought some mint tea 2day going 2 try that with the choco shake feelin so much better 2day thanks xgina


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ps Im going to Dublin on the 19th of June to see Take That too... we have standing tickets.. cant wait!! x


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We are going to Wembley on 1st July - can't wait!! x


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Hi Gina... Im in County Antrim... I pay £44 a week.. its expensive, and people on the mainland seem to pay less :sigh:
:)ur right about it being expensive deb, but then again we will not b worry about the price of clothes when were so skinny that we need a new wardrobe lol:girlpower:

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