Let's get "Revved up"!


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Come on everyone! All the ads are on the TV about :eek: Christmas :eek: !!
We've got 5 and a bit weeks to make a real change in how we look and feel, before the big event.
For those who are struggling a bit, I'm sending helpful vibes :vibes::vibes::vibes:
If you're on track, well done, keep goin'
Those of us (like me, who won't make target for Christmas) and are going to refeed and get back on after, don't worry TOO much, I've refed before and got back on, it's not quite as bad as some say, WE CAN DO IT!
To the lucky ones who WILL be at target, you deserve your success, :happy096: that'll be ALL of us next year!! :D
Remember, "Nothing tastes as good as being slimmer and healthy feels" :bliss:
Good luck all us Miniminners! xxxx
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Little Miss Living

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Ah........ just what i needed!!:D
Was feeling a bit grouchy this morning!!!:confused:
Not gonna be at target!!!:cry:
BUT hopefully will only be about 14-17lbs off it!!! Which i intend to refeed after xmas and lose before valentines:rolleyes:
Good luck to everyone and i hope ye have great losses in the run-up to xmas:grouphugg:

lite at end of tunnel

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Need advice?????

:confused:I wont be at target,but i had it in my head that i was only going 2 eat xmas day & new years day,:eat::eat::eatdrink051::eatdrink051:so do u think i should refeed the wk b4,and then eat all xmas wk & new yr wk:confused::confused::confused:.u see i dnt want 2 eat 3 full wks only wanted those 2 important days with my family:help2::help2:


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There is the option of course of keeping carb free throughout, meaning no wine bread or potatoes or rice or cake etc. but you can still have shedloads of proteins and some veggies, which wont be so out of place at xmas.
this way ketosis stays and getting back on LT should be easier.
Just a thought!!


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i cant wait for my xmas dinner


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fa la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Great post Cathy, gud motivation, we can all do this, altho i wont be at goal, atleast i wont be as fat as last year :superwoman: that makes me feel good in itself.

I have already organised my xmas dinner with my mum just turkey & veggies and shakes for the rest of the time for me :D doesnt bother me too much really!!!!!Plenty of exercise that week guys and well get rid of our turkey bellies in no time!! x


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I'm looking forward to there being a little less of me come Christmas day! I've decided to have my Christmas dinner, but not go mad by eating everything in sight. I'm deffo having a a couple of drinkie poos though! :party0016::D


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That's exactly what I'm planning. Most things in moderation and enjoy everything slowly, not shovel it down like I used to.
It's what I did on holiday and it really worked!!


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Yep we can all have another stone off by Xmas can't we?! I'm planning on having Xmas dinner becasue I am making it and I am a good Xmas dinner cook ;) I'm not going to go wild though, prob just turkey and veggies- won't bother with spuds. I want to be slim more!!


Hee hee hee hee you make me so Happy!

I feel much better - still losing weight but haven't updated my progress chart recently......
My only concern is that i'm slowly running out of hair as it keeps falling out....
I'm going to go on a no carb christmas dinner.....looking forward to a drinky poo though....what's best Gin and tonic or WINE!

A xxxxxxx


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I think Gin and Low cal tonic is best, but don't drink unless you're out of ketosis.
Have a look at the Sticky at the top of the page about drinking. You dont want to be ill at Christmas!! :smiley1842::4616:


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Cathy, you can always be relied upon to keep us all going with your positivity.

I hope to be at target for Christmas but even if I am I'm not planning to stuff my face as usual, turkey, lots of veggies and maybe a spud but no pud for me, or choccies, not worth undoing all my good work!

Good luck everyone.