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Letter off consultant


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My old one used to do this, she would send you cards if you were close to a goal, cards if you were having a rough time and was generally really lovely!
This one doesn't send cards but she's lovely too.
It's such a nice feeling though, to know that she's thinking of you.
ahhhh that is soooo nice!!! i wish my friends were that supportive!! (as i dont go to class) good job ive got u guys xxx


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I am really impressed with sw!! x
Mine does the same. She sends me texts or emails every so often to chivvy me along and sent me a lovely card in the post! Last week she texted me to say my BMI had gone from 43 to 31 and I'm amazing! It's a great boost.


Desperate to be slim!
Mine sends us homemade cards every so often.
I had one after my first week and one last week when I got my stone award.
It is a real boost!


is getting better at it
the last one i had could not even remember my name, told everyone i was losing weight well when in fact i was heavier than when i started so gave up


No Coffee, No Workee
Ours is like this too - I had a really rough few weeks, so this last week she sent me a lovely email encouraging me and saying how sorry she was that things hadn't been going my way lately. It really made my week :)

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