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Letting myself down... :-(

Hiya. I didnt go last night as away on customer site. Probably best I didnt as seem to be sabotaging it at the moment!! Why o why do i do it. I have been drinking lots of pear cider, chocolate and even kebabs!! I feel so down about it all. I have brought lots of fruit today and decided to get back on it again. But I am craving chocolate at the moment!! Why am i doing this!!! I have done so well. A mate came into work today who i havent seen for a 3 weeks and she souldnt believe the difference on how i looked!! It was a great confidence boost but I need to keep at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(
Anyway sorry about my rant but I do feel a bit better.
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Andy R.

Time for a change
you've done great so far, so just get your head back into it today. no point quitting now or that female friend would be disappointed if she saw u again in 3 weeks and you'd gone the wrong way ;)
Oh bless you honey, don't let this little blip rule your life. Wake up tomorrow morning and get back on it... you have done so well. xx


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I know how you feel at the mo! i have had a weeks holiday on a boat, and quite pleased that I only have put on 3lb-but now somehow appear to be in the same mode as you-self sabotage! i am trying to plan ahead food wise, in the hope I will get back into the swing of it all-good luck-you have come so far-back on the wagon for us both now!


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((((HUGS))))) dont give up Paul, just try and get yourself focused and give it another go. You have done brilliantly and i envy your success. I am struggling a bit at the moment but i am just continously trying.


Bring it on!
:patback:You've done really well so far, so don't feel down hearted. Just put what happened behind you and focus on where you want to go now. the reason you are craving is because your blood sugar will have been peaking and troughing like mad with everything, eat fruit, yogurt (obviously free ones) and all the free foods you really like and you'll soon be back on the straight and narrow. Let us know how you go.;)

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