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Life after CD... What will you do?

I'm still only on week 1, but I've been thinking alot about what I'll do afterwards...
I'm thinking an atkins style diet,
Still limiting carbs
Meat is easy to calorie count, and can have things like cheese and milk too...
Was considering going from cambridge to slimming world,
But as most of their syn free things are carb filled, I'd be terrified of undoing all my hard work!
Has anyone else thought about this?xx
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I've thought about it but not decided, I think I need to analyse what I'm eating when I'm at or vey near to goal and take it from there. WW and sw scare me because I will eat 'bad' carbs.

Maybe i'll be tube fed to save the thinking!!!!

(16lbs lighter in 4 weeks)
I was thinking about going back to slimming world but since looking up on the JUDD diet I think I might give it a go once I'm nearer to my target!
Think I am going to try the clean and lean diet. It's the diet Elle mcphersons trainer uses
All fresh healthy no carb low gi
Foods. Got the book and it's a great read. I don't give my children breakfast cereal anymore because of it! Once you read the sugar and carbs it's so suprising!!!
i am definitely going to follow the JUDDD diet and probably base it on slimming world on the high cal days and slim and save/cambridge products on the low cal days. my problem is that i'll always have to restrict my diet in some shape or form to maintain my weight, i cant seem to just 'go back to normal' after following diets as i fall into bad habits to easily. i think following this type of diet will help me make better choices on my up days instead of just stuffing my face with empty calories as although you'd think that i'd want to eat lots of lovely food after stopping CD, in actual fact, following a diet like cambridge has made me appreciate food more and want to try different things so i'm hoping that i can maintain a healthy diet but in a random way!


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I am going to go up the steps and then stick to a calorie controlled diet using the odd CD/slim&save product when I need to cut back. Also going to start an exercise regime when I move up to step 2. I want to get used to a general healthy eating plan which I can stick to indefinitely.
Probably follow SW principles with an eye to low carbing. I'm a vegetarian so although I know low carb is the way to go, it can be tricky for me.

I also like the idea of 80/20 - so healthy eating 80% of the time and relaxing for the 20%.

But first, I have work to do...mainly another stone.


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I will be calorie counting when I am done and make sure I stick to my gym/exercise routine so I never have to do this again lol
I will be calorie counting when I am done and make sure I stick to my gym/exercise routine so I never have to do this again lol
lol i think we're all wishing that! i have said though that if i feel the weight creeping back at any point then i've made a vow to myself to only let it get to a stone over my goal and do cambridge for a few weeks to get back on track if i ever let myself slip. i hope i dont fall into bad habits though, i just went to thorntons on my lunchbreak to buy a birthday present and wanted to eat everything in there!

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