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Life after LT!?

Hiya, me again!

Okay, so getting the weight off is one thing… but my concerns are keeping it off once I reach my goal weight!!

Obviously, once you get off LT, if you go back to the way to ate/drank before, you will regain the weight. My plan is to eat much, much more healthily, drink less and exercise more and I'm hoping this will be enough!

Does anyone have any thoughts on life after Lipotrim?

PS, I am presuming that all the green/peppermint tea that I am drinking adds to my daily water intake, is this correct? I know that black tea/coffee doesn’t you see? Cheers!


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♥3 Years Maintaining♥

Life after TFR & refeed isnt easy - ive been off it since november now and im still struggling. Its a constant battle but if you are determined you will succeed.

One of the main things ive learnt is what the refeed teaches you. Portion control and the type of things to eat. I think basing your meals around this and you should be fine - in theory.

Of course you are going to have the odd treat, odd blip but its important to stay focused and keep on track - even if you do fall off for a couple of days.

Be sure to keep a diary and log everything you eat drink - it really does help.

Look around on the maintainence section on here - me and Jan are always on and always available to give advice - not that were any good at taking our own advice mind you :giggle:

Still, most importantly, dont panic.

It will be a massive learning curve but one you should physically be prepared for. Overcoming your mental attitude to food is another ball game - but like i said, if you are determined to keep it off you will :)
Tanya is right - I'm just starting week 3 of eating, and am sticking to the refeed plan really carefully. I think it's important to plan ahead while you're on TFR - read books, read this forum and talk to your pharmacist. In many ways TFR is the easy bit - at least it's easy to understand and obey the rules. Once you're eating again you are open to all sorts of temptation, but you need to keep alive your desire to be slimmer and healthy. I listen to the Paul McKenna CD every day and I find it really helpful (and very relaxing). I also bought an exercise bike from Argos and a pedometer. I do at least 15 mins hard work on the bike every day and monitor my walking - I'm aiming for 7-8000 steps a day. I usually do more at the weekend but find it hard in the week.

The main point is that you mustn't consider the end of LT the end of your journey. It is really just the beginning: It is merely giving you an opportunity that you should try your hardest to make the most of.

Good luck - and keep reading, talking and learning.

Thanks all,

Jon/Tanya, now you are eating again and out of ketosis, are you hungry again? Is the refeeding plan satisfying you or do you feel hungry on it?

My plan is to also stick to the refeeding plan for quite a while afterwords x
Most of the time I'm fine - after 5 months with no food it seems like loads to eat!
I'm a bit off colour at the moment though 'cos the change has made me constipated. I'm going to the chemist later to get something to make the world start turning again.....

Tanya and Jon speak sense.

I'll be looking to them for advice and guidance after I reach 'goal'

The best advice comes from people who have been there, done that.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Indeed it does betsy. I wouldnt be where i am now without the guidance and support from Mary and Jan on here! :D

As to feeling hungry now that im out of ketosis - i sure do. I know i eat enough cals etc and i eat balanced but the weekends mess me up so when i get back to it on a tuesday its the day i feel most hungry.

But again, its mind over matter. More than half the time a glass of water is all the body needs to cure a rumbling tummy!

As for refeed - felt very full on my first meal and all throughout my refeed. Like i say - stick to the portion sizes, quantities and ingredients set out and you cant go far wrong :)

How much longer are you going to be on TFR? x

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