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Life got in the way again :(

Thanks Char-I'm finding it hard to get a CD counsellor though-3 live too far away and the 4th told me to wait till my sore throat got better first-trouble is, it's not exactly a sore throat-it's a lump on my thyroid that sometimes makes my voice disappear-it's just easier to say I have a sore throat that to explain about the lump.I may have to resort to buying it from ebay :(


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Welcome back Polishrose:hug99:

I think it is worth explaining to your CDC as buying CD off Ebay is very dangerous as you have no way of knowing that what you buy is the genuine article as packaging is so easily copied.

The support of a good CDC is worth their weight in gold:)

Love Mini xxx


Gone fishing
Grr I posted but it disappeared :D I emailed her to explain about my throat and I am seeing her tomorrow :)
:cool: Much better to get through a CDC than ebay. So overpriced for a start. Also hate the thought of lining the pockets of unscrupulous sellers that don't give a moments thought for the safety aspect of doing a VLCD.:mad:

I'm sure your CDC will understand. Best of luck!


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That is good to hear Polishrose:)

You did very well before and I know life does have a way of messing up our best intentions:cry:

I am back myself now three weeks today and I feel like I am back in the zone again.

You know that feeling where it just makes the diet so much easier and enjoyable to do.

Let us know how you get on and best of luck with your new start.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Polishrose and welcome back!!!

Its good to hear that you are back on track and the weight will come off before you know it.
Never buy any CD packs from E-Bay, it's just not worth the hastle!

Good luck.


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