Light choices steak mince frozon


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ah thanks for that! good thing i had some syns left.
I just looked it up it says 1/2 syn every 28g for lean so not too bad x

will have a better look next time, although light choices could be extra lean?


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Light Choices Beef Steak Mince

Hi Chesh & Mia,

I don't have access to the website, but I have the 2011 directories, Free Branded Foods and Low Syn Snacks books (which are a godsend). In my Free Branded Foods book it lists Tesco Healthy Eating Steak Mince (Frozen) as a free food ...

However it does say Healthy "Eating", which is not a brand that Tesco actually does! As far as I'm aware "Healthy Eating" was just a little round green pic they used to put on things that were healthy like diced turkey breast etc. So it might mean their Lighter Choice brand now? Since they actually don't sell Healthy "Living" (their other health brand) frozen mince?

It's your choice in the end really, Allie is right it's not less than 5% fat but it's only 6.6% which is still 5% lighter than even lean mince and if you like it, it doesn't effect your losses and it saves you money then I don't think you should worry too much.

Having said that, I don't like it (I work in Tesco and so many people buy it to feed to their pets that it puts me right off) also 500g Healthy Living Extra Lean Mince (Chilled) is 2 for £5 right now, or £2.98 individually so I say might as well stock up on the better stuff! xxx

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Yes I buy quite a lot of the extra lean mince from Asda and as I enjoy chillis and spag bol quite a lot I bag it up as soon as I get home into 85g portions. And I only do the red/green plans so use it usually as a HEX on a green day with rice or pasta. The extra lean from Asda is 5% fat.