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Light Headed

Hi All,
Day 3 for me, not feeling hungry, thought I was in ketosis this morning (had a really minging taste in my mouth), but tried a stick and hadn't changed colour! The only issue is that I am feeling really light headed, a little bit faint. Is that normal?
How is everyone getting on?
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I get like that - I tend to have a cuppa and a pack!!

Well done on getting to day 3



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IT might still be ketosis, and it is only day 3. Some people myself included ususally takes 4 to 5 days to have the sticks change colour. Sometimes if you ate a lot of carbs before you started it can take a day or two for them to be gone. Also just because the stick didnt change colour it doesnt mean you are not in ketosis, the sticks only show extra or excess ketones in your urine. If you are drinking lots of water they will be diluted, if you are not drinking enough your body could be holding on to everything so please dont think its not happening. Being lightheaded is normal at this stage I am afraid, headaches, week and washy whatever it will go in a day or two.
Thanks both of you, just needed a bit of reassurance really! I was out at a toddler group and it was so hot in there too - so that might have been part of it!! They also had free bacon sandwiches which I resisted! Had a shake as soon as I got back but had left my sweetner at work so it didn't taste as good!
Real test tonight, doing a roast for the family and I'm going to have a soup!!!
I've really suffered with headaches and feeling woozy but just think that its working and it's all the s**t leaving your body!!!
well done on resisting the bacon...that smell gets everyone...and Im a vegetarian!!! xx


That pesky stone crept back.
I'm on day 4 and I've been feeling woozy and a bit dopey too. I keep on dropping things and getting the days mixed up. I'm also crabby as hell. Fair does for cooking your family a roast. I've just sent my family out to "get their own bloody dinner!" I think my OH is secretly relieved. I keep cooking stuff for them that I really don't like, and it probably shows in the results. We just have to hang on in there eh? One day at a time!
Thanks to the posts I've realised I can drink coke zero and it's def given me a lift but felt very tired after having my soup at tea time for about an hour. I think exercise may help?

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