Lighter Life But need advice!


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I need advice! I am on day 11 and tomorrow is my anniversary with my boyfriend. He has got a big evening planned, and I want to break the diet for one day. The question is, will I still lose SOME ammount of weight. My weigh is is not until thursday, and I will be straight back into the diet on monday? Any advice from experience?? thanks! X
Depends on how you're breaking it. If you are going to do an add a meal type thing : protein with white and green veg, no carbs, sweets or alcohol then you could be absolutely fine, and should have (hopefully) no problems getting back on plan.

However, if you're planning to go 'all out' then you can expect to put on some weight with your glycogen store and possibly struggle to get back onto SS.

Having looked at the amount of weight you have to lose, could you not put your celebration back a bit til you are on maintenance/at the end of your plan?
He's already booked the table! Oh no! Well, so far this week I have lost 3lbs, so as long as I don't GAIN by Thursday I will be pleased! I go the gym everyday, and I plan to have an extra hard workout tomorow. I can't see there being a right option for me, and even if there was I wouldn't know how to choose it!?
Even though it's booked, could he not put it back? I only ask because it can be totally horrendous getting back onto the plan once you have come off it. Some people manage it with success, others don't. And unfortunately until you've done it, you won't know which type you are.

Have you talked to him?
Your right it's not worth it! Im sticking to the diet and cancelling. This is so hard. I am even concidering atkins diet! The weight loss is similar and I can eat enjoyable food!! I don't know! Thank you XX