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lighter life councellors

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hmmm i wondered the same... they are classed as self employed as far as im aware so all they pay for is the food, which i cant expect costs too much....... :rolleyes: maybe someone can fill us in :)


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Just so that you don't get disappointed Ladies....please don't expect an answer to that question on here. Even if there are any LLC's on here, they are not very visible and would certainly never answer a question like that on a public forum....

By the way, for those of you that don't know I am NOT a LLC but a CDC instead! ;)
Dancing can I ask: why it would be interesting? Personally I think it's an incredibly rude question - but I was brought up to think that. It's a social no no.

Scot I don't think you'll get an answer TBH - if it was me I wouldn't give details of my salary over the net.

If you are interested from a future career point of view why not speak to LL? I guess we can assume it's a healthy salary if you are good at it, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it!
Id be quite intrested to know also! My LLc has a really nice premises in the top end of town - its huge and cosy.

Shame she is so moody! lol

P x


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i wouldnt mind knowing as i would like to become one if i could. I have sent off for the info but at the moment its out of reach at 14 grand for the course!
Its a shame as its really something i would love to do.
I wonder if you can pay it back or something?
Why would it be interesting? Because it is a bit of information that I don't have the answer to - I am naturally someone who is interested in many things and this happens to be one of them. And also because I am part time self employed and how others earn is of interest to me. As for it being a rude question. I was brought up differently - I'm not British and where I am from, there is nothing wrong with asking a question like the one that has been asked (however, I don't expect to get an answer, I was merely expressing an interest). But I understand that it is not socially acceptable to British.
Thanks for responding, I like to understand other's motivations because what LLC earn never even occurred to me!

That is also why I mentioned upbringing, I know that the vulgarity of discussing money is a very English thing! :D

Where are you from BTW - are you still there? ETA I see you are in Surrey at the mo!


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I personally think the social taboo of money is a crock of ****. People are open and talk about swinging and serial killers and pedos. But yet they would never disclose their salary. It's pretty easy to work people salary out by going on one of these job search engines and looking at similar jobs in the area.

I dont really care what LLC earn but I would be interested to know.
I'm from New Zealand but have spent too many years here and am neither fully one nor the other unfortunately. But, that is where I'm going on holiday on Friday so maybe i'll be a little more kiwi on my return.

Wow, it is alot of money is it just for the course (it can't be that is more than a university qualification) maybe that includes the cost of buying the franchise
O lovely NZ - do you think you will go back perm one day? DH and I would love to go there on a long holiday.


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Hey, I wanted to know because I was thinking about becoming one and to be perfectly honest the £14,100 is an awful lot of money to fork out if there isn't much return. I have looked at Weight-matters as well and they are very open about the packages they offer.
I would like to help others and I am scottish and as my dear old dad always taught me "you have a scotch toungue in your head so use it" which basically means that if you don't ask, you don't get.
I wasn't trying to be rude. I just wondered if anyone knew.
I will bring it up with my councillor anyway.
I heard somewhere that after the initial £14k outlay ... earning can be circa £50,000 per annum .... I heard this about 2/3 years ago ...

cost of LL

I understood that the LLC are not allowed "to charge" for the counselling that they do, so the money we actually pay is by way of covering the cost of the counselling by charging on the food packs,
as a lot of us have paid many hundreds and even thousands of pounds trying to get slim, then i for one feel it is worth every penny, if it gets me to where ii want to be.

Our LLC actually told us what she gets out of the 66 quid for each person and it is suprisingly little. I'm not going to write it on here because I'm not sure she'd want me to, plus I suspect every LL business is different! She then has to pay for her premises and other running costs, which means she is certainly not making a packet. She also mentioned to us that the cost for training was not the only cost she incurred - she had to spend a lot of money to set up the business too. I don't know whether this is the same for everyone or not.
I think she does it because she enjoys it and wants to help people, rather than because it's earning her a fortune. Anyway, I'm very glad she does do it, otherwise I'd still be obese... :)
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That is also why I mentioned upbringing, I know that the vulgarity of discussing money is a very English thing! :D

Not just a brit thing....us yanks don;t like to advertise it either.

When I was a little girl, I once asked my dad what he made, and he told me that one should never ask another how much they make, that its noones business but theirs.

I've lived by that rule. It is personal. Even to this day, everyone at work is interested in what others make. I just stay silent. Its noones business, and considering I came in to the job at a higher rate of pay then some who have been there for years, rocking the boat is not something I want to do!!

So, its not just Brits that feel that is noones business. But we are distant cousins anyway! :D

There is no right or wrong - just how you were raised and what you believe. :)

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