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Welcome Manxie,
you will not regret doing lighter life & the best resource you have is the guys here on mini mins.

Good luck with your first meeting.


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Good luck with the new lighter life lite, I'll be following your progress with interest.


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Good luck with Lighter Life Lite... I don't know much about this new stream of LL, but doesn't it include one meal per day??? If so, I wouldn't mention the food side of it on normal LL threads or you might be mauled - I suggest you set up a seperate "LL Lite *may contain foodtalk*" thread for your blashpemy, hehehe.

Really pleased your on here though - I'm really interested in this new programme as friends have expressed an interest but have had a bit less than 2/3 stone to lose... can't wait to see how you get on!


A xx


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Yeah was thinking they could do with a Lighter Life Lite thread and make it sticky!!! I will be following you guys progress with interest too.

Good luck to you all!!:33::109:


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first weigh in!

First night at LLL tonight, nice group of equally nervous but optimistice girls. The best thing about this is we can eat a meal a day, protein, dairy and fat with no carbs. Really looking forward to getting started tomorrow



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Like Manxie said we can have a meal a day, it is from a list of food choices. The dairy could be half a pint of skimmed milk which you can have in coffee (sorry) or it could be a small bit of cheese.
For the meal we can have either salad or veg then a protein which could be 200g of quorn, mince beef, tuna or 2 eggs. then there is a fat choice which could be 2 teaspoons of oil of low fat mayo etc. So no carbs .

The diet lasts in four week blocks and I guess you could do it a couple of times. I think the bowl of veg and the milk will make a huge difference to the main diet. I stuck to it yesterday and it was o.k. So i will see if i lose any weight.
Rebecca x


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Well I lost 6lbs in the forst week, so thats not bad going. I have my second WI on Monday, I think my weight loss has slowed this week though.
Rebecca x

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Hi Bec and Manxie! Welcome and good luck on your LL starts!!

As you are new, and you might hae missed Anna's post - just want to mention there is sort of an unspoken rule here in the main part of the forum where people are abstaining, that food is not mentioned. It can be very tempting to others who are trying so hard to not eat anything.

There are some of us in Routhe To Manaement, where we discuss food openly - if you have any questions or comments that are food related, even a drop of milk in coffee ;) etc., might be a good idea to post there untill if and when there is a LL Lighter Forum. Just to help others not be tempted or feel deprived, etc. :)

Wishing you all the luck - you will be amazed at how swiftly you will hit your goal.




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I'm beginning to think this might be a better option for me. I don't get on with the no food business at all!!
Will ask my LLC about lite on monday
Noone posted anything one here for a while.
How is everyone doing???

sukie sue

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hey guys,
yes magiclove there is a lll sub forum now , quieter than this but there seem to be more of us popping up now.
lite is for anyone with a bmi under 30 so its a good alternative to full abstinence, ive done both now and each one has its own merits ,
i needed ll a few yrs ago i had 8 stone to loose and it really sorted my head out , this lite programme is something ive done since gaining a couple of stone after suffering a miscarraige last sept.ive lost 2 stones since may 5th and its a great alternative but im really glad i did full ll orriginally.
good luck with whatever you decide hunnie , ill be hanging around both forums if you have any questions
sukie xx


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Lighterlife Lite

Hi i am on my 2nd week of lighterlife lite.
Just to say please dont drink 7litres of water in one day as this could cause serious kidney and liver problems and is potentially very dangerous.
Staying well hydrated is very important when on a VLCD but there have been cases with people on VLCD who have comsumed 8 pints in 2 hours and it has been fatal.
I like the Lighterlife Lite diet as it is far more manageable for me than the total programme. I enjoy the shakes in the day and an evening meal. I lost 2.5 stone on WW and have now got the final weight loss journey to make before my wedding in February 2011