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Hi, does anyone have any advice of becoming a LL councellor. I have lost 3st 8lb so far and coming to the end of my 100 day program. Will be starting the management programme very soon. I have spoken to my councellor and enquired about becoming a councellor and she was very encouraging and i received the application form yesterday. Have to have a telephone interview then attend a 2 day recruitment centre interview. Does anyone have any advice or experience of the recruitment days. I know the investment is £15k but you are starting up your own business. Any advice/own experiances appreciated.
Hi - just to add, from what I can gather, you go to a two initial training sessions and sign up to do a 2 year HNC (?) course in weight mangement counselling. You can start your business after 3 months, so I believe, but you have to pledge to spend at least 5K on advertising in your first year.

I heard that it's more like 14K as an initial investment - which is why I became a CDC! lol

Hi jacka this was on another thread here I dont know if you saw it.Have you found out anymore about this?

I did the LL foundation programme, and was accepted for training as a Counsellor, but decided against it. By the time you've kitted your office out. and sorted out other expenses, you are talking nearer £20,000 in my opinion.
After careful thought, and research, I am now hoping to be a Cambridge Counsellor. There's nothig to stop you offering groups if you want to, as well as 1:1.
Did you know that Cambridge actually make the LL foodpacks?? they also make Lipotrim.
They have been going the longest, but don't advertise much at all - that says a lot doesn't it? Research it thoroughly before you make a decision.
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So what is the initial investment to become a CDC, and is it only your own CDC that can put you forward i.e sponsor you, to become a CDC ?
The initial investment is £75 for the business pack and that is it (apart from obviously things like a set of scales, initial stock etc).

And yes it should be your own CDC that sponsors you and puts you forward.

LL gives you an idea of how much you can earn in a year in being an LLC...dependent on how many clients you have, is there an estimate on how much one can earn in being a CDC?