Hi everyone! Happy New Year!
For the past few days I've been feeling really light-headed ... especially if I jump up out of a chair or out of bed. Sometimes it feels as though I will actually pass out, though this hasn't happened yet!
Now I seem to remember that this could be linked to lower blood pressure (?) but why should I suddenly be experiencing this when I've breezed through my first 10 weeks?
Anyone else felt the same?
yep , i tend to get it when i try to do my normal level of exercise or walk too fast , although it does tend to pass quickly and my energy levels are actually through the roof so its a bit of a catch 22 at the mo
Hi Think!!

On boxing day I actually pased out/fainted as I got out of the bath. I am on day73 at the moment and also feel really light headed. LL counsellor said that it may be to dehydration!! I don't thnk so as I am drinking about 6 litres a day!!! Also the other evening my little girl was sick in her bed and as I rushed to her bedroom I could not see a thing and called to hubby to help. I felt completlely blind. It soon passed. I think it is just that we are all not used to moving so fast as we loose the weight. This in turn makes us feel dizzy!!
If you are really worried then you must visit the doctors.
Best of luck hun,
Personally I notice if I have a hot shower in the morning before I've had anything to eat, I feel nauseous and very very faint, to the point where I think I'll pass out... but right as rain again when I've had a foodpack. Maybe your body is just mega low on its energy when you're at least getting out of bed???
It happens to me too. I noticed it in the latter part of the 100 days. If I bent down to pick something up I would feel lightheaded when I stood back up. Sometimes I had to sit down till it passed. It still happens from time to time but I am aware now and take extra care when bending down or (as a previous poster has said) getting out of the bath.

I suppose it could be dehydration, although I'm pretty good at drinking lots of water regularly. Whatever it is, it is a reasonable price to pay I think. I'm not stopping yet.