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LilLennys diary

Hi everyone. I'm totally new to the forum and see that quite a few people have weight loss diaries, so I figured I'd try one too.

My name's Claire, I'm 26 and mother to K ( a boy) who's 6 and A ( a girl) who's 2. I've been doing weight watchers for nearly 2 years now, and at first lost 1.5 stone. However, this plus an extra stone has gone back on. I decided 2 weeks ago to start a fresh, I'd hit my heaviest weight at 17st 13.5lbs!! And last week lost 3lbs!! The next weigh in is on Wed morning, so fingers crossed!!
Me and the other helpers of the group have a bit of a competition going. We're putting £1 a week each into a pot and seeing who can loose the most weight before christmas, and whoever looses the most gets whatever is in the pot. We're all determined to win it, but it will be mine lol. I'm hoping to loose about 1.5st-2st by then, just have to keep focused!! Hopefully this forum will help with that! So far tonight it has helped me not dive into the cupboard with all the sweets and crisps in, so there's a plus!! :)
Looking forward to meeting you all!
Claire .x.
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Lovin it !!! :)
Hi Claire

Welcome - sure you will lose the most & win the dosh lol - what a good incentive.

Well done on your loss so far - keep losing like that & you will be well on the way xx
Hi LilLenny

Well done with the 3lbs. Keep it up. We weighed in around the same weight. I started at 17 stone 7. Have lost 22.5 pounds so far which is great but have a way to go yet. This forum is great cos its great to share how you feel with people who know what you going through! Hope you have another good week.

Hey!!! Thanks for the welcome! You both have lost soooooo much weight, can't wait till I get there, hopefully I'll have the willpower to stay the course this time lol!!!
Today's not gone too bad, but then it is only 10:43am!! I'm usually ok during the day, it's night time when I start getting peckish.... any tips on how to get rid of the munchies would be a big help!!! :)

Hope you all have a good week!!
hey there :)

welcome to the forum, the only thing i can suggest for muching is maybe saving some points for snacking in the evening then you dont tottally feel deprived x

I usually have to have low fat snacks around me for the evenings cos I am the very same, I get the munchies when I sit down in the evenings. I buy some of the weight watcher cakes in tesco or the tesco light choices - most of them only have 1 to 1.5 points. Or the cadbury light mousses or walkers lite crisps at 1.5 per pack (from the 6 pack) or sugar free jelly........ Just dont eat them all the one night!!
Hey!! Thank you for the tips!! :D I shall be saving points for the evening, aswell as hunting down some sugar free jelly!!!
I lost 3lbs again today!!! :angel09: So I'm happy!! That was until I got home and got told I had a gas leak!!!! The engineers turned off the gas, but obviously my landlord needs to get someone out to sort it. A little background on my landlord (well, letting agents.... landlord is great, but the lettings agents are crap)... I've got a broken window, I've been waiting since march 2007 to get fixed, the downstairs toilet I've been waiting since August 2007 to get fixed and the upstairs toilet I've been waiting since December 2008 to get fixed........ So I'm not holding much hope of getting my gas back anytime soon!!!! Anyway, thats my rant over!! :) Don't want to bore you all!!
Hope everyones week is going well????
Well done on the 3lbs. Keep it up! Poor you on the gas leak..... I hope its fixed a bit quicker than all your other breakages. Keep us updated. I just having bad two months with appliances. washer, drier and dishwasher all went bust within two months. Shower now will either go hot or hotter etc. There is always something to bother us isnt there as if trying to lose weight wasnt enough for us to think about.
oh heck thats awful :( really well done on the 3lb though x
Thanks for the support!!! :D I've been running around like a mad woman this week, so hopefully I've shifted some weight with all the exercise I've been getting!!!

Finally got my gas back... although I am fuming with my letting agent/landlord.
The problem was the oven. Everytime I opened and closed the oven door, it was banging against the gas pipe behind it causing the leak. My letting agent hasn't been carrying out the required 12 month gas safety checks, so if I didn't have my meter changed when I did, I would never have found out about the leak until it would probably have been too late!! So I've got a trip to the C.A.B tmw to take action!!!!

On a plus note, I started a new course last week. ICT and maths.... I was suppossed to be doing literacy aswell, but apparently I'm to clever for that one!! :p So it gets me out the house for a few hours and away from the kitchen cupboards!!!!

Hope everyone is doing ok!! Good luck for the following week!!!!
Claire .x.

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