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My Slimming World consultant repeatedly used the word 'limitless' to describe how much free food I can have. Now, on this forum I've seen lots of chat about 'eating til you're satisfied and stopping when you're full'.

Now to me, those are too different things; I'm not satisfied til I'm stuffed (there's a reason I need to lose weight!)

So honestly, can we eat limitless amounts of pasta/rice/meat or not?
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In your books it should say eat until you are satisfied.
You can eat limitless amounts as in there are no limits set :) and no weighing and measuring of most things.

I often eat until I am very very full, it never harmed me!!


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I'm glad to hear this because I had quite a lot of spuds before >.< Ooops!


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Personally I don't think the word limitless is very helpful, I used to remember my mum doing this plan years ago and standing at the kitchen counter eating a whole chicken.

For me I understand the concept of it being free, but I certainly would never do what mum did and eat a whole chicken I stick to what I feel is a sensible portion for me, maybe a few slices or 3 chicken thighs.

I suppose we are all different and portion sizes will be.


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Yes you can eat limitless amounts but I would recommend that you remember to add veg to the meat/pasta/rice, especially if you are doing EE.
I also suggest you eat until you are full, and not stuffed until you can barely move!


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I think its good when they say limitless :) I personally think that there is nothing worse than a diet that says you cant have this you cant have that!! That makes me want more!! I think by saying "you can have endless amounts of free food" makes me calm down a little and certainly not feel bad when I have had a million potatoes if I am that extra bit piggy.. People have been doing this plan for years and years! Its obviously worked for them.. =)