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lions for lambs


rainbow brite

No, my grandmother tried to get me to watch it a few weeks ago but I didn't think it was my kind of film so said no. What was it about?
War from many different prospectives.

Very different type of movie... sad at the end. :(


Eloquent hooligan
I love powerful films that provoke strong reactions... might have to look out for this :)

Have you seen Dead Mans Shoes ?
I dont know if i would recommend the movie... its just weird and made me feel a bit **** cos of the waste of life. I dont think its a great movie though.....

Hard to get good movies i think! So u recommend dead mans shoes?


Eloquent hooligan
Hard to get good movies i think! So u recommend dead mans shoes?
It's a painful film to watch but more than worth it :)

Sorta like the same feeling you get from watching The Elephant Man

NOT the type of film to get to third base @ the ficks but is the kind of film if you want your emotions & outrage at injustice tweaked... talking of which A Time To Kill also gets me like that...
oh a time to kill... that is a good movie - def gets to u xxx
I watched it the other night & thought it was rubbish. I felt like i'd wasted over an hour on a film that just bored me.
I wouldn't recommend it at all.

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