Lipo trim day 2 and counting

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by Carmel77, 4 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Carmel77

    Carmel77 Member

    Started lipo trim just yesterday and have surprised myself, even on deaths door I have not gone a whole day without eating. It feels like giving smoking all over again but worse because I don't have a vice now.

    Has as anyone found away to stop thinking about eating ?

    I am in bed trying to stay away from the kitchen
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  3. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    The first days are the hardest, yes I was thinking about food a lot but it will pass soon.

    Hope you feel better soon and best of luck with your weight loss x x
  4. Carmel77

    Carmel77 Member

    Thanks for the positive message makes me feel so much better.......... MAN ITS HARD ........... but I will achieve my goal
  5. lucylastic22

    lucylastic22 Member

    Hi on day 4, I started on the 1st of is getting easier slowly...i kinda get waves of temptation but then it passes and another comes in the next hour...but it feels so good after when you stay strong....evenings for me are the worst! Im not actually feeling that hungry though as the water helps....and I am already ;ooking slimmer in the face although its mostly water it feels great x

    Good luck xx
  6. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Hey there!

    As Jen said, the temptations/cravings come and go but they soon pass, the first few days are the hardest but if you can get over them then the rest of your journey is easy! When you're craving things, just ask yourself: what do you want more? a piece of food or a fabulous body?!

    I've been on LT for nearly 2 months and have lost 2 stone so far, I can't even begin to describe how good it feels!

    Good luck, Carmel x
  7. Carmel77

    Carmel77 Member

    Thanks very much for replying it really makes me feel so much better knowing others are going through this too. I am nearly at the end of day 3, I have been to my sisters house where everyone eat the most lovely roast dinner. I had my shake and a black coffee, i feel so proud not actually hungry just all in my mind

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