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Lipotrim and tiredness / muscle tiredness


I'm a 33 year old mum of three (boy aged 9, girl aged nearly three & girl aged 16 months).. I still breastfeed the baby first thing in the morning and once at night.

I have now been using lipotrim for two weeks. During the first week, I followed the Lipotrim diet with military discipline and lost 11 lb.

On day 4 of my second week, I found the longing for food unbearable and found myself nibbling at some meat (chicken, beef and doner meat) left over from my other half's takeaway... and ate a little salad with garlic sauce.. However, this week, I have still managed to loose 5lb..

The reason for my post is to see if anyone else out there feels physically drained? I know I have an extremely busy lifestyle and am certainly on the go constantly, but I find myself having to push myself to carry out many daily tasks ie hoovering, etc.. and the mere thought of pushing the girls in the double pram now strikes me with horror, as when I do, the muscles in my legs feel like lead weights and I really have to force myself to keep walking.. and I'm not talking long distances either. Walking is something I have always done reguarly prior to starting Lipotrim, and have never felt physically drained before..

Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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S: 22st4.0lb C: 17st2lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.5 Loss: 5st2lb(23.08%)
i'm not sure on this one but could it be to do with still breastfeeding?
did you check it was ok to do LT while breastfeeding?(i have no idea).
phone your pharmacy/doctor or lipotrim and explain your problem.i'm sure they could help
i'm sure someone will pop by soon and have an idea what could be up.
if anything i feel i have more energy to run about with the kids x
hope you get your answer x


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S: 22st4.0lb C: 17st2lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.5 Loss: 5st2lb(23.08%)
oh and dont you need to be having a certain amount of calories to breastfeed?your prob not getting enough with doing lipotrim too x


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Yeah, what Tafflass said, surely you need more calories than LT if you're breastfeeding? Do the ketones not pass through breastmilk? I found breastfeeding more exhausting than doing LT. Poor you is it any wonder you're tired with your busy family. I would get tired doing what you are doing on a normal calorie intake!

I am the opposite, I'm bouncing off the walls with energy but I have heard of someone people who do find it physically draining.

If I was you I would look into breastfeeding and doing LT a little more as I personally wouldn't recommend it.

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