Lipotrim. . Started again today. Wish me luck ! X


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Hi. Just wanted to say I've started LT today too. I did it 3 years ago and I lost just over 4 stones and then became pregnant. Needless to say I have gained back weight and want to start shifting it again. I am saving my 2nd shake as long as I can as I know by this evening I will be really hungry! I'm focusing on the fact that at least I know what those first few days are like from experience and I know it is completely worth it in the long-run.

Keep going!

Marie :)

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I started today for the first time. Have to admit I'm very apprehensive about the whole not eating thing but so want the results. Have been encouraged by the stories of others here and have pysched myself up for a difficult first few days so am really hoping I can stick it. Had a warm vanilla shake this morning with a teaspoon of coffee. Was surprised how sweet it was. Am holding out until 3.30pm for my second and then 7.30pm for my third. Have been using FibreClear in black coffee to stave off hunger pangs and have been drinking my water. So far so good.


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Sounds good I normally save my last one til late too. Right off to get more water and a lovely tea lol x

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Just picture yourself at your goal weight and imagine how happy and proud you will be of yourself, I hope you dont stray, good luck sweetie x


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Hey Sigourney, u can do it! I'm starting on 2nd Feb!


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good luck!!:cross:


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I did it . Did day 1 . Headaches kicked in now and feeling deprived but I'm busy today so should be fine . :) thanks for the support guys x

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