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lipotrim to slimming world????


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Anything is possible....if you stick to their diet then no reason why not. I used to love SW, but my only problem I had with it and have heard others say the same is the portion control...as you can almost eat as much as you like depending on the days you are on. Or that is what it used to be like. I have a problem with portion control...BUT, I KNOW many many people that are very successful on SW - so go for it! If it a diet you are drawn to and the support is good there too!

I would pop over and see what the SW forum are up to and get a few bits of advice from them too!

Well done though and at least you are looking ahead - in the end, it is a lifetime and lifestyle change and SW does adopt that.

Good luck sweetie!


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Im not experienced enough with LT but I would imagine thats a good idea, its still a balanced, healthy diet (sw) and is still instilling healthy, sensible choices.

Im planning on going back on ww when I refeed..


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I'm going to try and stick to slimming world diet once i finish on here. I love the slimming world chips AMAZING


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I dont know much about SW, but I wish you all the best in what you decide. :) xxx


this is SPARTA!
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That's what Im planning to do too, good luck!
Hi , I have just gone from CD to SW and its amazing :) I hit a wall with TFR and decided to try SW for a while , and my body is much happier :)
I had a 5 day break between the 2 ( after doing 810) and I did binge and eat stupid things ( loads of carbs ) and had a gain of 6 lb ( which is what you would expect when recarbing ect .. ) , but lost 4 lb on my 1st week of SW .. its a great diet :)
Good luck :)


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I've also just gone from CD to SW - my first WI this week I've actually gained 4lb, but I expected this due to recarbing. Hopefully this week I'll have a loss - the scales certainly seem to be moving downwards! I've never eaten so well, I feel fab!

SW is geared towards "normal" healthy eating, something I certainly didn't do before losing weight on CD. I felt I needed the discipline of still getting weighed each week now I've finished CD to make sure I wasn't slowly slipping back into my old ways, and putting the weight back on.

Good luck!

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