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Lisa's food diary!

Hello all!

I'm brand new to this forum, but rather experienced in Slimming World! I have attended various classes in the North East, with varying amounts of success. I first joined in October 2007 and almost 3 years on I’m pretty much the same weight I was when I started! I tend to fluctuate, and I’ll be very good then blow it all on a take aways and a few (too many) vodkas L

I’m feeling the pinch at the moment so can’t afford to attend classes, but am hoping by completing an online diary (and joining this forum!) I will be able to stick at it on my own!

So, onwards and downwards… J

Tuesday 10th August 2010 RED

2 weetabix (HEB)
Muller light yogurt

2 slices of WW Brown Danish (HEB)
42g Low Fat Cheese (Cathedral City Lighter – it’s yummy!)

Planned for dinner
Asda Fresh Tastes Chicken Breasts with Garlic Mushrooms (whole pack!) – 3 syns
Birdseye Steam Fresh Veg (Carrots/Sweetcorn/Broccoli) – 1 syn (I think)
Runner Beans

Snacks – if needed!
Smiths Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks – 5 syns
Hartley’s no added sugar jelly pot – ½ syn

Lisa J
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I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi Lisa, welcome to minimins!!
I don't go to classes either, but the support on here is fantastic I honestly don't think you need them!
What days do you normally do? Do you stick to red or mix around a bit?
Agree about Cathedral City Lighter - I love it!! Think it's the only low fat cheese that tastes and melts really well.
Hi Sarah, thanks for the welcome :)

Usually I have a lot of Green days, but I'm trying to have a few red this week to see if it boosts my weight loss. My friend who I used to attend class with swore by a couple of red days to get you kick started again!

I just find red days quite expensive, it's a lot cheaper to stock up on pasta and rice than it is buying chicken etc.

You've done brilliantly on your weight loss so far - well done! And your signature has reminded me I really need to get back on my wii fit...



Silver Member
I'm new on here too. I am at Target weight now having lost 2st 4lbs this year following the slimming world principles, I didnt go to class either.
being a vegetarian I am on GREEN days only with the occasional bit of fish thrown in as a HEB.
I tweaked the plan to suit me, still with great results, steadily lost 2lbs a week so losing my weight in just 16 weeks. I only had my mums old SW books which was one A group and some cheese based foods ( mugshot creamy cheese were free) so i just stuck to 1 A group and kept those things as free.
I seem to manage to eat lots more things in a day than i have seen on various food diaries and kept to 10syns. I might start a food diary, might give someone some ideas :)


I will be a yummy mummy!
Agree that Green days are so much cheaper - and most of the time I have potatoes with my meat on red so may as well stick to EE anyway!! I do try and mix it up a bit too.
Welcome *honey too - well done for getting to target - that's amazing!
Well done on reaching target so quickly, I'll keep you in mind next time I reach for the biscuit tin! :clap:

I ruined it all yesterday by going out for drinks (very naughty on a school night) and I don't even want to think what my vodka syns would add up to... :eek:

Trying to stay on plan today (despite the hangover) so fingers crossed I don't give in to any random cravings.

Wednesday 11th August GREEN

Alpen Light bar - 3 syns

Mug shot - Sweet and Sour noodle
Ryvita Minis - Sweet Chilli HEB
Hartley's Sugar Free Jelly Pot - 1/2 syn

Not decided yet!


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