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listerine breath strips


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I got some breath strips from the chemist for my mum (she's on LT too) the pharmacist recommended them though - they weren't listerine ones, Im not sure what brand they were. I could try and find out though x
Listerine ones are fine as long as it is the mint ones. I used to get mine from a company called dealzonline.co.uk which are an Amazon shop. They are £4.99 for 3 packets with free delivery and i found them to taste a lot nicer than the ones you can get from the pharmacist x
Its the mint ones i bought. 144 strips for £10 from america. Good value and it'll be worth its weight in gold if it helps. My 4 year old daughters complaining about it lol
It's terrible isn't it?! I had to carry a small bottle of Listerine around with me everywhere for the first few weeks!


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I thought it was just the nuphar ones... but i may be wrong!!! : ) est bet call/email LT

That's the name of the strips I got for my mum, I couldn't remember for the life of me what they were called!! ...The pharmacist said that they were the only ones you could have :confused: ...Still get in touch with LT for definite though x
Listerine are def okay as i checked but not the red cinnamon ones that were my favourite! I was told not to use this flavour or if i did, use in moderation!
The mint ones are fine though, i got through about 2.6 million packets when i was doing it...
Was expecting something a wee bit more well.... scientific if im honest!

Wonder if they are like the 8 balls you can get, just a small amount of stock answers? :D
There's def a feeling that they have set answers and things they can say... they are great at giving u the facts... but sometimes a bit of explanation would be nice!!!! x

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