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Liz Earle Skinproducts (Acne)


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Hi all.

The more I lose weight, the more I notice things about myself that I've neglected, notably my skin.

I do get angry spots, and cystic acne, particularly around my jawline and neck and cheekbones. This has left me a bit scarred with dark patches, and I do still get flareups. I'm waiting for a referral to a dermatologist, but I'm trying to find some decent skincare. I've tried dermalogica and it was ok, but all the other products I've tried have been pretty useless (Clinique, Boots Organics, Body Shop Tea Tree, raw tea tree oil, and Estee Lauder) and read that Liz Earle's products were great for PCOS acne. I've ordered a few sample size products and hope I'll get results soon, as my acne is starting to make me feel horrendous about myself - especially as I exercise a lot and when I exercise my face goes all red - emphasising where I'm scarred and where I have spots!

Has anybody used Liz Earle products? Or does anybody have any skin product recommendations for angry, cystic acne? I am currently not on any medication for PCOS, my pill (was on microgynon) has run out and I'm looking to get switched to one that's good for PCOS when I go to the GP next week (Yasmin made me mental).
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It's only available for a short term, but the Dianette pill works wonders for acne. Microgynon is actually quite an androgenic pill so can flare up PCOS symptoms - including acne, hairloss and weight gain, but because its the cheapest to prescribe its the most commonly prescribed. That's not usually a problem unless you have PCOS.

Cilest is also okay interactions wise (Broadly speaking) and slightly androgenic but not as much as Microgynon.

Have a look gere for some starters on the androgenic loading of pills. http://www.verity-pcos.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22360&sid=2a65ec5748aa068ad24c8d60afc61494

Skin wise - I use dermalogica products and I've not had any cystic spots for a while, but I do suffer from blackheads, but they've reduced in size a fair bit, so now more wee pinprick looking than the big cratery ones I used to get.


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Thanks for this info! I used dermalogica a while ago and it did help, but that was before I went on the pill - if Liz doesn't work I'll give it another go!

Thank you ever so much for the link, I'll have a good look at it.

I'm a bit scared of dianette to be honest after I read about the fact that it increases the risk of clotting and my circulation in my right leg is a bit dodgy anyway due to an accident. I'll have a word with my GP about which pill may be best - Yasmin (which I was prescribed before I went on microgynon) made me bleed a lot so I switched pretty quickly to Microgynon, and it made a family member extremely depressed and as I already suffer from depression I'm a bit scared of that one too! I'll do some research about the other pills mentioned and bring them up with my GP.
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Hi I use cleanse and polish tonic toner and moisturiser from QVC.. Have done for 4 years now.. I went camping 2 weeks ago.. And didn't take any products with me, and notice the difference to my skin within 3 days.. Really dry I used the simple rang while away.. Nothing bets liz Earle in my opinion lol x

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