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PCOS Acne..... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

I got diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago, I've always suffered with spots, but since having my baby girl 11 weeks ago, they have just gone out of control, and they are not like normal spots, they are like harded lumps far underneath my skin and they are really painful! I ave had to register with a new doc since i have moved and am waiting for confirmation so i can book my first appointment, i would like to go in well informed so i cant get fobbed off..any advice??

also i have joined slimming world, anyone with this curse had any luck with it??

thanks :D
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Seriously I had this. Massive sore lumps. Get exfoliator gloves and wash with dove soap or something similar twice a day. It really really makes such a difference.

Before you get medication try this for two weeks, I swear to you it gets rid of them.

Oh and drink LOADS of water!
I agree with dove soap!! And if this still doesn't work, when I was at school I used to have spots like you are describing and I used panoxyl aquagel 5% it's a really good spot cream can only be bought over the counter at a pharmacy, but it really works!! I still have some in my med draw!! :)
I've had acne quite severly for nearly 10 years now (since i was 9) :( and tried all sorts of meds but for now what i find helps my skin is sudocrem and exfoliating my skin once a day. :)
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I joined slimming world 6 weeks ago and have lost 1stone 10 & 1/2 pounds so far and i think its down to the fact i have lots of food options and it makes you automatically choose your food wisely...Good luck honey we're all 100% behind you xx


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I'm also really suffering with cystic acne. I had a huge break out randomly on my right boob and it's left me scarred and feeling horrible about myself. I already feel unfeminine as it is (I suffer with the hair - not as badly as some, but I have to pluck my chin every day, and wax my sideburns, neck, chin and upper lip every 2 weeks), and now my breast looks like somebody's been putting out fags on it.

I did some reading and I read that tea tree is brilliant, and it has helped me in the past so come payday I'll be buying the tea tree range from the body shop, and bio oil to help with the scarring :(
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Hi, I've got PCOS as well and get really hideous and painful hard boils on my chin (for some bizarre reason I get them symmetrically- gee thanks PCOS...). My doctor prescribed me duac cream which was amazing. It contains an antibiotic (clindamicin) as well as benzoyl-peroxide. You can't use this forever as obviously you become used to the antibiotic. He's now prescribed me lymecycline (antibiotics) which are a low dose long course antibiotic. They take four weeks to start showing results but they do make a difference.

I wash my face using extra virgin olive oil and castor oil- if you google 'the oil cleansing method. . c o m you can read about it there. I've found the massaging makes my skin softer and I also think it is helping to break up the lumps (that sounds horrid- sorry).

Hope that helps. :)

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