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Lizzies Lipotrim Diary


I have decided to start writing a weight loss diary to help me with my motivation:)

Today is day 12 for me so I have nearly completed 2 weeks which i am thrilled about :) Week 1 went well and i managed to breeze through it without cheating. This is good for me as i have attempted to restart a lot and usually cant get past the first weekend! I think i am really determined this time as this has to be the last time i do LT, i wont give myself anymore chances if i mess up this time.

This week, week 2 has been really good. Really good because i am doing well even though its my totm and i am still feeling a bit hungry! I doubt my loss will be that great this week, I am prepared for it though as i know i cant do anything about my stupid totm... apart from getting a historectomy... but that would be stupid as i want kids one day! lol

Not looking forward to going to the chemist tomorrow as the last time i went (last sat) i was 13.2lbs on their scales, i weighed myself yesterday and i was down 1lb which is obv due to totm but i hope the chemist doesnt tell me off or anything tomorrow! Worried cos when i got my first week of shakes it was the 4th of Dec and was holding on to them until starting 25th Jan. When i got weighed on the 4th of Dec i was 13.4lbs on the chemist scales! When i started on the 25th Jan i was 13.10lbs on home scales!! (stupid xmas!) So when i got weighed on Sat it looked like I had only lost 2lbs, when really i had lost what i had gained + 2lbs! So feel they will tell me off thinking i havent been trying! If they try to refuse me shakes i might have to threaten to drop my pants and pee on a ketostix! lol

Well thats all from me for now :) I should get through the weekend ok, as i havent had any naughtly thoughts apart from having a nice Americano from Costa after my weight in ;)
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good luck with everything, i think it really helps keeping a diary, i have one too. i'm on day 9 and i think it def helps keep me focussed.
So day 15 for me. Second weight in and I am down 3lbs on TOTM week. Am really happy with that as i thought i was only going to be down 1lb!


hi hun i started sat am finding it really strange not eating an having to prepare meals 4 my family am on day 3 no no cheating mind is strong belly grumblin 2 unsettled nights an feelin cold any tips xx
Awww hun, it is hard to begin with. The only thing that worked for me was to try not think about how hungry i was and i pretty much just trying to ignore feeling hungry. The first few days are the worse but you can get through them! I was cold all the time the first few days and had a rumbly tummy the first few nights, but it does get better! I dont feel so cold anymore, i am not feeling hungry but the stomach still growls. I just swig some water if i feel rumbly!

It is hard having to cook but after a while you wont even think about it!! Once you hit ketosis it will become a lot easier! There is no way i would dream of cheating at the moment as i know how hard it would be to get back to where i am now!

I cant really give any tips apart from busy yourself and if you feel an urge to eat just stop thinking about it! The more you think about it the worse it gets!! All i can say is that it will get better!!

You'll be in ketosis soon so just stick it out! :)
I havent been doing too well at this diary thing so i thought i would write a bit today!

So, day 16! In to my 3rd week :) The diet has been going well, to be honest i try not to think about the diet and just try to get on with it. I find when i start thinking about it i work myself up in to a tiz! The last time i did LT i started to wavier when i got 1/2 way through... cos i thought about it too much!! This time round i dont want to think too much about how long its going to take, when i am going to get to eat again, what to eat etc!

I went out and met a friend last night. I didnt say i was on the diet, she didnt say anything but i could tell she had figured it out! So we went for dinner, i had 2 coffees and she ate a meal. I was completely fine with it! I feel really determined this time so i am able to not even think about eating! Strange for me! I think the longer i am on the shakes the easier it gets.

I am getting pretty bored of making the shakes! Seems like such a hastle! I did CD for a while and the ready made shakes were convienent but i dont think i properly managed to get in to it on CD. I have always had more success on LT. I think because CD has nice tasting bars its too much like eating. On LT it just isnt!

I decided to try on some jeans yesterday that i havent been able to fit in to for a while. I managed to squeeze on some skinny jeans but had a bit of a over hang on top so think i will leaves them for a little while longer before i try them on again!

Trying to make plans for valentines this weekend. I dont want to do anything but feel bad for hubby! Our first valentines as a married couple and i dont want to do anything! So i am really going to challenge myself and make him a choc cake!! I had a look in my mums cake cook book and boy did i druel over all the cakes! Read that book like a novel!! I am going to cook either a flour less choc cake or a choc gateau! I say this now, but by the end of the week i might not be bothered! Hubby feels bad that i am going to make him a cake and i cant have anything, but i told him not to worry. Its my fault we arent doing anything. He was going to book a fancy restaurant and i know he was looking forward to it, but cos of me we cant do it. Aww, i will deff make him his cake :p

I am really starting to enjoy myself on this diet! I know its sad, but i forgot what it was like to feel the weight coming off and enjoying trying on my old clothes to see what fits me! Still not lost enough to go down a dress size yet... but its nice to know i am getting there!

well i have rambled on long enough. Think i am going to go have my first shake :)

Good luck everyone

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Day 18 - Didnt do too great yesterday. Am starting to get bored on the diet. Ended up eating 2 frankfurters and a slice of cheese!! This morning woke and and decided i am an idiot and i need to stick to only TFR! I threw away the frankfurters and slice cheese and decided i wasnt going to eat another morsal until i have finished!

Today i decided to make a choc cake for my hubby for valentines. I thought i followed the recipe to the letter but when i took it out the oven it looked weird, it was half raised and looked stupid. I was pretty peed off! I put a knife in to see if it was cooked and it wasnt.... basically it didnt turn out as planned and i am so annoyed! I went through all that temptation of baking a cake for my hubby to get a crap cake at the end of it! I havent got to the worse part yet... i tasted a bit!! I dont know why i did it! Almost like punishment for getting it wrong!! Defeatist attitude I guess, thats how i usually give in to my diet... get annoyed and eat! I didnt eat a whole piece but i tasting the middle gooey bit to see if it was cooked and tasted the crust! Ah well at least i didnt go made a eat a piece! I have let the cake cool and put it in the fridge... hopefully it will harden up a bit or else i will need to throw it away!

So basically i decided today i wasnt going to touch a morsal again, then went and picked at a cake! Grrr!!!! Deffinately never again!!

have tried to up the water today as i know i havent been drinking enough. Probably why i ate a bit yesterday. I have managed about 4 ltrs today. I think thats enough! Will need to continue drinking through the weekend as well, thats when i drink the least
Day 19 - Checked my ketosis and i am still in ketosis after my little mishap yesterday. Today i ok, i feel focused.

Hubby phoned me earlier and said one of his friends wants to arange a weekend away at a hotel with a few couples, boys go off and play golf, women go to a spa or something like that, then have dinner and drinks in the evening i guess. I dont really want to do this as i dont know his friend or wife plus i am on this diet so how do i sit with people i dont know and refuse to eat or drink?! AND my hubby wont even be with me! I told this to hubby and hes annoyed that i am spoiling his fun and i should stop dieting and eat for that weekend! I dont want to stop the diet yet! His friend wants to do this beginning of March, i dont intend to start refeed until the 15th of March! I dont want to have to refeed earlier either! That would mean i would have to refeed now to prepare for this stupid weekend away! why doesnt he get it!! I am dieting cos i want to lose weight! I want to do it the correct way this time so if i have a weekend off it will mess it all up!! He knows my plan! I have told him exactly how long i am on the shakes, how long i am doing refeed, what i am going to do to maintain weight etc. Grrr! I want to tell him to go without me like he usually does but no... he needs me to come this time cos partners are invited and he would look stupid without his partner there..... but when hes invited without me hes happy to leave me behind! He just spent last weekend with his friends and i never got invited to that, and now one of his friends has suggested something with partners i am expected to come! Nope, i am going to piss him off and tell him to go alone!! Grrr! He cant pick and choose when i am invited and when i cant come!!

Sorry for long rant! Its just annoying me!

Apart from that diet is going well. At about 1.15pm i realised i hadnt had my first shake! Funny! So i quickly prepared it and drank it! I need to remember to have it earlier cos the later i have it the more reluctant i am to have the last one which is usally by 9pm ish! Its quite funny that i have started to forget about shakes/ food! I have to say, for the first few weeks food was constantly on my mind, today i feel fine and havent thought about food at all! Great feeling! This is the stage i wanted, i knew this would happen eventually :) Now the rest of my time should be a breeze... well as long as my husband doesnt try to get me to agree to go to this boring weekend!

Thanks :)

I could go, i guess its just the situation. I dont know them so i dont feel comfortable not eating or drinking in front of them! How can i got for a meal with them and not eat!! It sounds like its not just his friend and wife, it seems like they are inviting other people so the wife will know people and i will be the odd one out! Plus look weird because i wont eat or drink anything! I am going to ask hubby to try and see if it can be in April as by then i will have done at least 2 weeks of refeed so will fit in a bit better!

I guess i see why my hubby doesnt understand. He is fed up of me being on this diet as it means i dont want to do anything but i cant help it! Its not going to be forever!


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Yeah. My other half (who is slim) is going on Slim Fast to join me lol.
My sister in law had a similar situation to yours last month. She's painfully shy and her partner had been invited to a works weekend at a golf/spa thing too. She made herself ill with nerves before going then had a great time. Difference is, she could eat and didn't have to explain a diet to strangers.
I think you're right in trying to reschedule. It's about how you feel which is why you're on a diet in the first place. Going at the moment and feeling uncomfortable might make you reach for the wine glass (that's what I'd do lol).
Yeah! I would like the option of being able to reach for the wine if i feel uncomfortable! At least i could relax a bit and might enjoy myself! Cant do that on my diet though! Not only will i not be able to eat or drink but would be terribly self conscience of my smelly breath!! Would prefer to be able to go and make a good impression rather than go and make myself look like a weirdo!!

Thanks for the advice! At least i now have a level head for when i speak to hubby!

Day 20!! Nearly 3 weeks down! woo hoo!!

Today has gone well! Very well considering its a saturday :) Hubby took me to westfield today to get me some gifts for valentines! All i did was bake him a choc cake and cook him a steak dinner and he wanted to buy me presents :) There you go girls, the way to a mans wallet is also through his stomach! ;) I wasnt really bothered about a gift for valentines but as he offered i couldnt turn down free gifts!

I didnt want to get any clothes as i am losing weight but decided that i needed an item of clothes that i want to slim in to. At xmas my 13 year old cousin got a pair of Guess jeans for xmas. They looked great on her and i really wanted a pair. (Not sure yet if i wanted the jeans or her figure!!) Problem with Guess jeans or the shop in general is that it really doesnt sell clothes to anyone over a 12/14? Not entirely sure what they go up to! So i went in today hoping to fit in to something and get a size down and slim in to them. The largest size they do is a 32 waist... not sure what size that is.. i am guessing a 14... deffinately a small 14 as i couldnt close the button when trying them on! I am guessing i am about a small size 16 at the moment.. i have about 1 st 10lbs to lose to get to goal, so that should mean i can fit in to these jeans by the time i hit goal?! Fingers crossed X So i plan to try these on every week after weigh in to see how close i am! If that doesnt keep me motivated nothing will!

For lunch hubby had some food at westfield and I sipped a black coffee. Am really happy with myself that i can actually go shopping now, watch him eat and not be bothered about it! In the past i have been desperate to eat on the weekend... but i have finally learned mind over matter!!

Making my hubby his fav meal tonight. Sausages, mash, in a yorkshire pudding with onion gravy! Its something i will never cook usually as i dont really like it! At least hubby can get the meals he likes when i am on a diet... he might end up gaining as i lose though!! :eek:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and valentines day :D

Day 22. Week 3 weigh in. I am down 3lbs this week. I am pretty disapointed. Was hoping for a better loss this week as i only lost 3lbs last week. Ah well at least its downwards! I am feeling ok though, no thoughts of cheating which is good for me cos usually after a bad loss i give up! Ha! I am pretty proud of myself actually, i have made it through a third weekend without eating! I know its not too much of a big deal, but weekends were my achiles heel. I would usually struggle through them and if i made it to monday without eating then all my will power would be used up and i would end up eating on Monday!

Valentines was good. After racking our brains for something to do which is fun that doesnt envolve eating! We decided to go to the waterstones book store in central london. We are going for a road trip to USA end of May so i wanted to look at the travel guides and pick some reading books for the long drives.... i know its a bit early... but what else do i have to do!! lol So we spend a few hours there chosing books and ended up in their coffee shop where i had a coffee and hubby ate some lunch! Great idea for a restaurant! Once we left there i was ready for home as i was feeling weak after not having a shake for 4 hours and you can never drink enought water when out and about!

So i have got through cooking all the treats for hubby. He has started to refer to me as a feeder as i keep giving him nice stuff to eat that he cant resist! We have a little giggle about it but its kind of true!! I am feeding him food that i want to eat but cant! He is trying to diet too but i am not helping by feeding him naughtly meals!! So this week i am going to just give him healthy meals and no treats! That should make it easier for me too really! Its not easy cooking him tasty meals and not getting to eat them!!

So, start of week 4 for me!! Woo hoo!!