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Lizzy's Last Attempt!


Winning a losing battle!
Having faffed about on this diet since 2007! :doh: I have decided that today is my last ever re-start.

A bit of background:

I lost 4 and a half stone on CD before my wedding in 2007 and felt fantastic but still had more to lose, got back on for a while in 2008 but managed to regain all of my weight after being made redundant and having to take a job that I was really unhappy in. Got back on track in 2009 and managed to lose almost 6 stone, taking me to my lowest adult weight. Put on 2 stone in 2010 and faffed about with CD and managed to lose the odd half a stone here and there.

Fast forward to Jan 2011, I am now 1 stone 10 lbs heavier than 2009 and enough is enough, I am back on SS to lose the final weight, once and for all.

I have been reading everyone's diaries and having inspired me, think I need to have a diary this time to make me accountable and hopefully keep me on track.

We have a trip to Dublin booked for the end of March and I want to be done by then so around 9 weeks. I CAN do that surely?!

I am easing my way into it this week having 4 packs a day, I've always had 3 before so hoping this will help.

I start a cake decorating course tomorrow night :rolleyes: but I'm hoping that will keep me distracted and keep my mind occupied in the evenings - probably not the best course to do when on CD but will prove if I've got the willpower!!

1.5l of water, one hot choc mint shake and one maple and pecan porridge (yuck!!) down so far....
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Winning a losing battle!
Feeling so tired today and starting to get a headache.

2.5l of water down and another hot choc mint shake.

Think I'll be having a bath and an early night, got a long day ahead tomorrow.
Good luck Lizzy! I hate the evenings when they drag on! it's the worst time for me as i start thinking about food. Have fun at the cake decorating course :) it's a great skill to have, no licking your fingers :) enjoy your bath and day tomorrow x


Winning a losing battle!
Thanks Sarah Lou! Evenings are definitely the worst, have my kindle and phone on my lap so I can keep myself distracted with being on here and reading my book!


Winning a losing battle!
Well, that's day 1 in the bag! Having 4 packs has definitely helped as it isn't so long between meals.

Long day ahead tomorrow but busy with work so confident I'll be back here tomorrow night to say day 2 is complete!


Winning a losing battle!
Busy day so far, 2l of water, several black coffees and 3 shakes down.

300 miles done but a productive day, off to college now and will have my last shake when I get home.

Early start tomorrow with a day full of meetings, will be glad of the loo breaks!


Winning a losing battle!
Well, just back from my first night at school! Had a really great time and was great to have a distraction!

The people seem really nice, will be good to make some friends of my own as I don't have any up here, just my OH's friends really. Quite proud of myself for making the decision to sign up and just go for it, was so nervous on the way there!

Early start tomorrow so I'm off for a bath and an early night.

Back for day 3 tomorrow!


Winning a losing battle!
Day 3 nearly done, woohoo! Haven't got this far in a long time!

Another hectic day today, my diary is now fully booked for the next 2 weeks with meetings all over the country so hoping that will keep me on track as I can just pop a couple of tetras in my bag and hit the road every morning, no time to think about food!

3 packs, 4 black coffees and almost 2 litres of water down so far.

7am train into London tomorrow for an all day meeting so another early night for me I think!

Have managed to avoid the scales so far this week, hoping for 7lbs this week but who knows!


Winning a losing battle!
Starting to feel good now so hoping I'm in ketosis!

Day 4 and it's been another hectic one, almost 2 litres of water down, several black coffees, 2 tetras and just sat down with a hot choc mint.

Still managing to keep off the scales, my clothes are feeling better so hoping for a decent loss on Monday, the most I've ever lost is 7lbs so anything close to that and I'll be happy!

Walked about 4 miles today I think, decided to get off the tube a stop earlier and walk to and from my meeting, was actually really nice walking through London at 7.30am!

Am very tired now and looking forward to the weekend, that will be a test as i usually love my Friday night glass of wine but will make do with water and a hot choc mint this week!
Phew.... I am tired just reading how busy you are. I am really glad you enjoyed your new class, it will be good to see what you end up making :D

How about some fizzy water on friday night? I put mine in my wine glass.. well we can pretend can't we :D have a good day tomorrow, I will give you an update on the beck book, so far it makes alot of sense, just need to get into the nitty gritty bit now.


Winning a losing battle!
Grr, the gremlins are out in force tonight, really want to eat but I'm not hungry, I just want to pick at something! :cry:

Have taken myself off to bed so I'm away from the kitchen.

Tempted to weigh myself to see if it gives me the motivation to keep at it but then again, if the scales aren't being kind, will it have the opposite effect?! I used to be a serial weigher and am trying my hardest to stop so really don't want to weigh - what to do?! :rolleyes:

I am absolutely freezing, sat here in my pj's, dressing gown and a duvet and I'm still cold so hope that's ketosis.

4 packs, 3 litres of water and several black coffees consumed today so I should be pleased that I've got through day 4 100% - just need to keep these gremlins at bay and then I'm on to day 5!


Winning a losing battle!
Phew, on to day 5 and managed to keep the gremlins at bay last night!

So glad it's Friday, just one local appointment today then back to work from home this afternoon.

Here's to another 100% day!


Winning a losing battle!
So far, so good. 1litre of water, 2 shakes and 2 black coffees down.

So glad to be working at home this afternoon, so much work to get through but hey, it's Friday!

Feeling quite hungry today and have shut myself away in my office until OH comes home so I'm not tempted to raid the fridge!

I should be in ketosis by now so it must just be mental hunger. Will keep sipping the water and get stuck into some work until it's shake time!


Winning a losing battle!
Grr, really struggling this evening. Not physically hungry but resenting this diet. I know it's my fault, not the diets but I don't want to have to do this!

Text my CDC for some support but she's not around. OH has just gone to the shop to get himself some beer and nibbles for this evening and I'm feeling sorry for myself!

Will make it through tonight the best I can and then I think I'll weigh myself in the morning to see how I've done so far, if it's not a motivating result, maybe I'll have a rethink and look at SW or something?


Winning a losing battle!
Feeling so emotional, just sobbed my heart out watching Toy Story 3!!

This diet is really putting me through the mill this time, I've never been like this before.

Still managed to stay 100%, will weigh myself in the morning and see how I feel then....,

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