LL Bars - is there a problem?


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I don't think that the bars slow your weight loss down but i personally think they taste awful.


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You actually can get to like them as after a while you do not notice the vitamin taste but can taste the flavour...this goes for all of the bars regardless ... Lipotrim flapjacks I found very hard to get use too, nearly gagged on my first one and pulled faces that a contortionist would be proud of...but after a few moths of not chewing they were almost nice.:rolleyes:

Some have been known to like them from the start.

Love Mini xxx


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I still take them sometimes, I don't mind the flavours but the nutty one is extra extra dry!

I do find I have to watch my mood.....Have something to chew on the wrong sort of day and its too much like food, can start me off on the slippery slope to eating other stuff.



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The bars have slighty more calories and carbs than the packs - which is why you are just to have the one a day. Even with a bar and the packs you're looking at 500 or less cals a day - so I wouldnt worry about them, just enjoy :D


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I asked my LLC about them last week as I would rather have 4 bars per day than the soups/shakes. I asked why we were only allowed one & she said it is part of the rules!!!!

When I pressed her about it she said there is no nutrional reason why, but it restricted as part of the programme as a a form of discipline.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Conufused? me too!!

If I were allowed 4 bars per day it would be so much better for me as I struggle with the shakes & soups. :sigh: oh well rules are rules I suppose even though I do not understand the reason behind them.



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Not sure if LL bars have the same effect as CD bars .... but if they do you wouldn't want 4 a day!!!

I've been known to have 2CD bars in the past ... and you have awful tummy ache - and as D_Q calls it choccy waterfalls!! So would not like to think what 4 would do!!!!!!!!!!!


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the reason you are not allowed more is because there are more carbs in the bars, more than one can tip the ketosis balance and bring you out

hope that makes you feel better about rules although why your LLC wouldn't say is a mystery...



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Hi everyone,

my LLC told me its a form of discipline cos if you chew every meal you may go back to eating 'normal' food quicker??