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LL bars or Slimfast Meal bars

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Hi all,
LL bars or Slimfast Meal bars. What do you think.
My wife swears that there is no reason why i couldn't have a slimfast meal bar instead of a LL bar espcially as they are cheaper, roughly the same calories and the same nutrients. So is there much of a difference?

What do u think?
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I don't know the difference in the bars, but I do know that SlimFast isn't a ketogenic diet like LL, I've done SlimFast before and I was hungry all the time, it was horrible, so personally I wouldn't risk it as a) it could affect your losses and possibly hunger, and b) from memory the SF bars are much more food-like, and that could lead to wanting real food more, at least the LL bars taste suitably fake enough to not make you want more!

As for price, LL costs what it costs, dunno about other people's LLCs but I know ours won't let you simply buy 7 less packs each week and cut the cost, he was really funny with me one week when I said I had some left over and could I just buy a few days' worth for that one week, I was struggling with money that month and so in the end he did let me but he said he'd only do it that once, so even if you wanted to have the SF bars you'd be spending more cash as you'd have to buy them as well.

Also, from my point of view, if you're doing LL, then do LL, it's playing around with it that leads to problems, I should know it's the reason why I started to mess up so much and spend a year going up and down week to week, because I though I could just "tweak" LL to my own design. It doesn't work, it just doesn't and it doesn't help your head either to not be '100%' on the plan.

Of course this is just all my opinion, so sorry if that sounds like I'm being a downer Ralph :eek:


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Hiya Ralph!

I dont know about you, but when I started LL and I realised the cost per week, I thought "wow! that's a bit steep".

However, I actually calculated how much I spent per week on food and alcohol. Very truthfully. And I am actually saving money by being on LL!!!

The SF bars may have same calories and possibly nutrients but what about the ingredients? LL bars are specifically made to keep you in Keto. SF are not.

B x


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SF bars are different to LL bars - they are designed to provide a 'whole' meal replacement and the nutritional values seem be different (LL are more 'protein' orientated, SF have slightly higher carbohydrate contents).
The LL bar is a complimentary substitute for an LL liquid shake. All 4 foodpacks per day add up to 100% RDA nutritional requirements for you per day - therefore substituting a Lighter Life foodpack with another - especially from a different diatary discipline may throw some things out of whack.

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I agree with everything Pete said.....if yer doing LL, do LL. Why mess with something that works, and throw in something that may sabatoge the balance over a few pence here and there. Not worth the gamble, and I would think the LLC would find that inappropriate and probably not even allow it.


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Hi CaptainRalph,

You will only be saving a few quid per week messing with the LL plan. I just saw how much weight you have lost already (well done!) on LL - I don't know about you, but if I were to put a price on that successful weight loss so far, it would far outweigh the potential to save a few quid...

My advice is to spend the extra few quid on a formula you know works... messing with it may lead to less success in future...

Having lost 9st on LL, I can recommend just sticking to it, and treating it like an 'investment' in your health...

Good luck!


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S: 17st7.0lb C: 17st7.0lb G: 12st7.0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
in answer to your original question, LL bars are low-carb protein bars, with vitamins etc.
SlimFast bars are 'normal' carb bars, so they are unsuitable for a low-carb diet like LL.
What do wives know anyway?
Funny thst people who don't do LL are always the ones that "know"

My motto is:
LL works - why would you want to mess with it?
It was just a throw away line Pete -
irony doesn't always come across in
black and white, not mine anyway!
Being a wife myself I was just having a lttle fun at my own expense.
I hope Captain Ralph realised.

I'm glad you're back on track Sir x
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So, is that your saturday planned out then? Finishing with with a pillow fight with M? :D I like your style! :D :D xx
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