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LL blood pressure checks -query?


has started again!!
One thing I dont have is high blood pressure, thankfully. When I had my pre-LL check up all was fine. Today, I went to a local chemist to have my BP taken for wk 4, and rather embarrasingly they did not have a cuff for an "obese" person. (My arms are HUGE.) They were very kind to me, however, and after I explained that I would not return to the GP for just a BP test, (they will charge me.) the lady suggested if that was the case, it might be worth buying a wrist BP monitor for myself to use at home. I am happy to do this, as in Argos, they are only £15, but does anyone know if LL will accept self testing?

I realise that LL want to cover themselves against poss law suits, but if I accepted the responsibilty in writing prior to taking my own BP, would they "go for it"?

I hope so, because I just cannot afford £20 each time just for a BP check, when hopefully it will stay within the normal ranges. I am pretty healthy, apart from being so heavy, no other health issues at all. In fact, my GP commented when I had my LL check up, that he hadnt seen me for literally years!

Sorry this have been a long post, but I hope someone has the answer!!:confused:
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Hi Hun,

I dont think they will,
Our counsellor told us earlier today that they are going to get even stricter on the checks.
Have you tried Lloyds pharmacy?
They sell BP monitor for 9.99 and go up to XL size.
They do free blod pressure checks too and if they havent got a BP cuff big enough what about buying one of theirs in XL and seeing if they could use that?


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Hiya Sez
I'm not 100 % sure on this, check with your counsellor....

the other thing I was thinking is, could you not go and see the nurse to have your blood pressure taken without them charging?

I know it may not seem it at the mo, but before you know it, you will be able to have your bp done at the chemist, that could be one of your goals, imagine the look on the womans face when she sees how much you've shrunk :D

Good luck


has started again!!
Thanks both. Will look for a Lloyds near me.

Pretty fed up tho, I must admit, after feeling good re loss so far, still, had peppermint green tea and bar when got home, instead of Mars bar it might once have been....


has started again!!
You show em Pixie!! (although the lady at the pharmacy was very sweet, and not rude at all!) I know what you mean, no-one has the right to be so bloody rude about another person, when they dont, and can never live in their skin!


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cant you make an app to see the nurse???? when i prev did LL i used to see the nurse for bp check instead of bothering the doc cant believe they charge you !!!
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LL won't accept a self test, they need an official stamp.

I agree though the nurse is all you need to see, and most surgeries won't charge if its just for the nurse.

Mine doesn't anyway, and you've just reminded me I'll need to try and get an appointment for wednesday....



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I would definitely suggest trying to get an appointment with the nurse next time. I saw the practise nurse at my doctor's surgery for the initial medical check and she was really, really lovely and very supportive. She said that she'd not heard of LL but I gave her the leaflet the LLC gave me and she said if I'd tried other diets and they'd not worked, then it was worth a go.

Oh, and I don't have to pay to see nursey ;)


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Hia Sez,

My doctor would now even sign my form initially so I had to find another practice (20 miles away) where the doctor did the checks and signed the form, charging me £40!

After that, each month I went to my local practice nurse who already did the BP checks for another patient. No charge.

Lloyds Pharmacy is another option (as has been mentioned). I hope you can sort it out.

"had peppermint green tea and bar when got home, instead of Mars bar it might once have been..."

Good for you, Sez. Was it difficult to resist the chocs?

"imagine the look on the womans face when she sees how much you've shrunk :D "

Geri is absolutely right, Sez!


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sorry to butt in, why not ask the pharmacy to take your bp from around your ankle?

i'm a student nurse and that is sometimes done in the hospital and it may not be as accurate when taken from around the wrist.

hope this helps. x


has started again!!
Hey Snail,

Not butting in at all, thanks so much for the idea! I am almost phobic about visiting the GP, he is ok, but have always had a fear of Docs for some reason. Plus, the practise nurse (A very skinny woman) has already tried to talk me out of LL, as its "so unhealthy and cant you try something else?" Like I havent.....
It's a shame that you've got such an unsympathetic practice Sarah, it adds extra needless pressure to you that you shouldn't have to feel - this journey can be tough enough anyway without outside influences adding to it.

What about trying a Boots chemist, I'm sure they'd have the correct sized cuffs and the pharmacists there are usually so helpful.



has started again!!
Thanks all for your support. Its a real pig, I must say! I will double check with the practice nurse re fees, but GP told me that as LL is a commercial concern, they are obliged to charge a fee. Bugger that obestiy is life threatening and that I NEVER EVER visit the bloody practise for anything.

I think I may revisit the first pharmacy and ask them to try the ankle thing. I really want my next visit to the GP to be many stones lighter....then I can spit in his eye!!!! (metaphorically , of course!!LOL)

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