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LL Broth


is loving CWP xx
I tasted this for the first time last night as when I did it before I got told to use bullion as it was cheaper. And suprise suprise, the LL broth tastes exactly.

What a rip off. I wanted to say so to the people that were going to buy it but didn't think my LLC would be very happy as it would be lost sales for her. But I couldn't believe it!!

So I am definitely sticking with my bullion.
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what about carb and kcal content? i like the idea its a premeasured sachet. im too afraid to do anything outwith the rules. i was always a teachers pet lol xx
Same here Carrie lol :D xx Maxi xx
i'm with Becks on using boullion instead - only about a quid for a massive tub compared to a lot more for some little sachets.

I also do the same with the fibre supplement they sell in groups - I use benefiber which is just the same.

Pinkie :)

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I'm interested in the 'Boullion' as have heard a few people mention it in passing on here... But, can someone tell me a bit more about it? Where do I buy it? Is it just called Bouliion, or is there a certain brand?

I currently buy the broth too, and it's making me broke! What with that, the £70 odd a week for packs, the £40 a month my doc charges for the forms (which I am going to find an alternative for, for sure!)... so, anything to help my purse would be great!



Playing the Angel

The best boullion to use is the "marigold" brand it comes in a small tub, you will find it in most supermarkets (I get mine from Sainsburys) They have a low salt, organic and regular, I use the regular, a teaspoon is the equivalent of a packet of LL boullion it is about £1:67 a yub which lasts me quite a while, even though I add it to most soups.


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Thanks J! You're a star!...

Will pop to Sainbury's tomorrow then... Like that price a lot better than £6!!

Cheers again! :)

Brilliant - thanks for the recommendation! Was always puzzled by the boullion posts.

Mystery solved.


is loving CWP xx
OMG Pinkie, you have to pay for your check ups? Do you have an Asda pharmacy near you at all as they will do it for free. I think boots do as well. I know you generally have to pay for your initial docs form as they need to make sure that you can actually do the diet but as for your monthly check ups, you should be able to go to any pharmacy that do free BP checks. I'd look into that one Pinkie could save you even more money x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Oooh, just bought some of the Bouillon at Tesco to try! About £1.60 for a tub, so bought 2 different ones... one regular, and one vegan reduced salt (as had read somewhere that the vegan one was nice too)...

And I can confirm them are both lovely (although the vegan one is not as strong a taste)... and coz they are a little different, it'll be nice to have the variety. Will limit myself to a level teaspoon of each a day, to replicate the amount we are permitted of the LL stock version.

Thanks again everyone, for the tip! Brilliant!

Now just to find an Asda Pharmacy who can do my monthly checks for free, and I'll be saving a small fortune!! Woo-hoo! :)

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is loving CWP xx
Great stuff Pinkie. I'm glad our advice has helped you. I am just sat at work now watching the clock tick til my WI at 7:15. I am really looking forward to it as I feel like I have lost a couple of pounds this week. Fingers crossed. I'll let you all know the results when I know x x


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Hi everyone i'm new so most if not all of the comments were really helpful!!

I got my packs tonight and will begin tomorrow! The boullion is a great idea, i have some in the cupboard which wont go to waste now!
:wee: im on the understanding you can only have one teaspoon a day..?

Going to Asda is another fab suggestion as i was wondering were to go for the check ups!...

Thanks to all xxx Wish me luck! xxx :cross:

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