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LL counselling


plodding away
A very happy easter weekend to everyone.

I'm considering starting LL and was wondering how you were finding the counselling as to be honest that is what is attracting me to LL rather than any other 'diet'

I like the idea of food being removed as its causing so much stress to me atm but I know I need to deal with my food demons once and for all and it seems like LL would be a good place to do this.

I would love to know if you think the counselling is worth paying the extra money for.

Many thanks x
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Well one of the things that always put me off joining a weightloss programme was the group stuff, because I'm really not into all that. But the counselling really does help you identify the reasons why food is a problem and come up with ways to deal with that. Of course there's a lot more to it than that :p but yes I do think that if you want a long term solution, i.e. not to pile the weight back on again afterwards, it is worth paying for the counselling and really learning to deal with the reasons behind it, rather than just dropping the weight off and then going back to the old habits.

Good luck whatever you decide - at least go along to an information session :)


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I agree the counselling makes this better than the rest, that and the fact that you are almost guaranteed not to put weight on unless you cheat! Xx

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The counselling is worth the money depending on how much you are willing to put into it... You do need to work on identifying your weaknesses and actively working on resolving them - however, LL does give you the tools to highlight the problems and provides good ideas on how to tackle them.
You need to be open to the idea that your 'food life' can never be the same as it is now. There might also be a lot of harsh truths which may come along the way as you do this diet...

LL is amazing in many ways - but as anything with life, it's only ever as good as YOU make it.

I'd say it was worth it for me personally. It made me realise so much and also gave me ways to think about how to tackle problems - not just around food, but also how to approach challenges in everyday life. I can also say it made me change my life, I knew I couldn't go on the way I did before.



plodding away
Many thanks for your help ladies. I will indeed be going to an information session as soon as I can.

I am having counselling atm to help with depression and am finding it hard work but helpful so I thought that some focusing purely on my food issues couldnt hurt. As you have said I know I must get to the root of why I am out of control around food, so I hope to be joining you all soon.

Thanks again x


plodding away
Things didnt quite go to plan, I couldnt find the place and forgot to take any contact details so went for a walk on the beach instead.

Turns out I may be excluded so I need to check with my GP next week and see what happens


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Counselling is THE thing that makes the difference.
At least for me.
I know how much I've struggled when I stopped going to meetings.
It totally refocuses you and makes you stronger and more determined to succeed.

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