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LL in the news

Interesting but if I hadn't found LL I would be piling on the pounds and getting lots of other illness and could die from being overweight.

I am proud im on LL and ill be following RTM when I reach goal. I have no worries about the program!


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Wow! Two of the girls in my group have been complaining of memory loss! I just thought they were getting old!

Someone renew my confidence. Quickly!!!

B x


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I was far more alert on the diet than I am now that is for sure. Yes I had some muscle cramps but then would just chuck salt in my soups and that was sorted out too.
LL changed my life for the better, I am a more balanced person now and I am in control of what goes in my mouth and I am enjoying exercising.
I am grateful for what I got from LL.
It is quite alarming at first read but what about all the other vlcds it sounds as though they are victimising LL.
Many young people unfortunately have collasped and died from heart related illnesses and they have been fit and healthy and never overweight.
As for the girl that developed annorexia I blame the counsellor for not spotting the 'signs'. Maybe this girl had an addictive personality where you replace one addiction with another.
I am more worried about becoming even more obese than I am now and dying 10 years earlier than I should if I was more of a healthy weight.
I've said it before its personal choice and if I didn't feel at all well then I would reveiw the situation before any harm could be done.
Like the the artical says there are thousands of people on LL and they loosely tag this unfortunate girls death to the diet.
Jury's out at the moment
For every bad story you'll get 10 good ones. Nothing is ever perfect and our bodies have different tollerances.

It's good to be aware of the symptoms and the dangers of these things, but ultimately the decision between healthy and slim or obese and unhealthy is ours to take.

Maybe the time period should be considered more and longer breaks between abstinence for people who have a lot of weight to lose?

Just a thought.



Fighting Demons....
Right, I have been thinking (so I must not be going all brain challenged yet!) and I have decided that it is surely far more dangerous to continue being 19 stone, than to try and lose some more weight, a lady on the CD thread said it best, to lose 10 stone in 6 months is a lot and it would be very stressful for the heart. Thankfully, my weight is coming off slower and to be honest, although I have had a rough few weeks, I haven't had any headaches for weeks, when I was having headaches all the time from my high sugar/caffeine intake. I was diagnosed with gallstones 2 years ago and I haven't had an attack for 4 months now. My "lady week" is regulating. In fact, I am pretty fricking healthy right now. Even my nurse said so. OK, so I may get really cold, and my hormones went abit doo lally tap the other week, but I'd far rather be this happy than as miserable as I was (almost) 3 stone ago.
What would these people prefer? That I go and get a gastric band on the NHS!? I'd lose the same amount of weight, but I'd be spending their money and not my own!!

Rant over now!

B x
I agree this is worrying. I have to say that in the 14 weeks I have been doing LL my blood pressure has gone down to a normal reading for the first time in 8 years. Also I was having heart palpitations before I started this which have now almost gone. I have noticed that my eyesight sometimes is blurred but this may be nothing to do with LL. There is no evidence which suggests that LL is the cause of the ailments in this article and on balance is is much better not to be obese. 500 calories a day is not a lot and there will obviously be side effects which we all have to manage as best we can but we shoud all be congratulated for doing something about our weight.:grouphugg:


Fighting Demons....
Thing is there are a few horror stories in this article, but there are THOUSANDS of success stories out there!

Nothing's perfect!

But it is making me rethink whether I should use this an excuse to have a break for Xmas! :p

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Wow! Two of the girls in my group have been complaining of memory loss! I just thought they were getting old!

Someone renew my confidence. Quickly!!!

B x
Yep I thought I was getting old as well....Who am I??
The good thing for me is it's stopped all my night time flushes so I'm getting a better night's sleep..I also get cramps but a bit of salt soon sorts that out
I'm not doing LL but I am following W8 which is obv another VLCD.

What that article fails to mention is that the girl that died was originally 33 stone, at that weight the pressure on her heart would have been immense and therefore this situation could have occured anyway!

Furthermore, the risk of going under anesthetic to have a gastric band or possibly bypass would be much greater!!

My skinny friend sent me this article stating that she is worried about me and whilst I appreciate her concern, it also disappoints me that people are always looking for the negatives.
I did LL last year from March till August and lost 6 stone I had been to the dentist in the April that year and all was well. I returned in the October of that year to be told I needed 3 fillings and 3 teeth out, and my enamel was very thin I was jumping and squealing I never used too. He said I looked fab and congratulated on my loss but asked if I had done a VLCD I said yes very proudly and started my spiel of all ingredients are there etc, nutrional etc. Stop right there he said theres your damage!

So yes I feel great having lost the weight but my teeth are wrecked,
the blurred vision thing well is that age or not? who knows but yes thats me, and also the memory I prided myself on that, infact my saying used to be "they dont call me "dumbo" for my weight its because an elephant never forgets, well this one does now all the time.

Like someone said earlier good points bad points but I wish I was strong enough and had the willpower to do it with proper food with the likes of WW or SW.
I started on 4 shakes a day and nothing else, but my then consultant told me about a company who offered the 4 shakes route, but also with the option of a meal a day. I took that option and now have a choice of 14 different shakes a day along with adding a meal of 3ozs of chicken , turkey, ham, white fish, prawns, and a few others along with unlimited vegetables from a select list. I have lost 7 stone since 22/4/08 and still have another 3 stone or so to lose.

Mike Goss
SEN Consultant
W8 Altrincham
the girl who died from heart trouble was previously morbidly obese which surely has to be a contributing factor?

Having suffered from bulimia for 10 years but been in 'remission' for 7 years I felt the time was right to shed the weight I'd put on during my recovery.

My counsellor knows about my past and being excellent during my RTM phase thus far. Yes, I've felt the urge to make myself sick when I've eaten having not had anything for so long. But I feel I'm so well supported and am doing great.

Plus, I'm happier, healthier and slimmer than I've been in years.
These 'horror' stories are the ones that are going to be published. They're the ones that make good reading. I'm sure the girl at the start of the story stuggles with various ailments but it's nothing compared to what she would be going through had she stayed the weight she was. Sorry for not being sympathetic but she chose to stick with the diet and ignore the side effects because she wanted to lose the weight.

We were overweight (morbidly obese in my case) becasue we didn't like the idea of not eating whatever we fancied. We've chosen LL because it works. Look at BL. Look at me.

I'm not suffering from any long term effects. My teeth are fine. My muscles are building up again nicely now as I exercise regularly.
It's not about being thin, it's about being healthy. LL gets you to a healthy weight and helps you to maintain it. If you chose not to stick to the programme set out. Don't blame it for making you ill.

Sorry, rant over. Just fed up of people complaning no matter what.

One woman was complaining that men give her more attention now she's thinner and that makes them shallow. It's no wonder- you were 13 stone overweight before- nobody was going to find you physically attractive!

One woman was complaining about her saggy skin and how she wishes she's stayed overweight. But I distinctly remember how much she hated being overweight.

Some people just love to have a good whinge no matter what their circumstances.

You get sympathy for the being the fat person. Then you want more sympathy because you've got saggy skin. You'll find something to complain about and get symapthy and attention for the rest of your life won't you? Now please shut up- I'm busy looking fabulous and loving it lol!!

Sorry if I've offended anyone. Rant over xx


Fighting Demons....
Thank you Rachel. At last some sense in my head! It's just scaremongering really isn't it.

I think if there was any real evidence that any of this related to LL, they would be outlawed, as would every VLCD!

I looked into the side effects before I started, and I am well aware that my hair may fall out - if it does, I'll shave it off, it worked for Britney! And all the various other things. But nothing I can't deal with and nothing compared to the things that I could get from being Morbidly Obese!

I am glad that everything is going well for you Rachel and that you are dealing with all of your demons.

B x


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I love the way you say it as it is. I agree with you all the way.

LL has given me something I never thought I would have with food, control. I am not always fantastic but I manage to be most of the time and that means my weight now stays within a pound or three of where I want to be.

I wish the papers would report at the same time on all of us that have had great success and found in ourselves strength and happiness. Just thinking of all the "issues" I have dealt with this year its enough for me.

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