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LL meeting tomorro

good luck gem im sure you will be fine i hate that run up too weigh in im back starting cd tomorrow xxxx
hey kittykat hope you get on ok with it im sure you will my firnds just done that and had excelent results good luck
i guess im just nervous coz ive really been struggling the past few days x


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi Gem good luck for 2morrow night i have my 3rd weigh in 2morrow heres hoping it'll be a good one for us eh.

Meant to say im on CD.


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi Gem yes i'll be on 2morrow only times im not really on are the weekends as im so busy then, but will defo let you know how i get on and i have everthing crossed for you hun.


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thanks Gem you too hun,i have an early start tomorrow so off to bed now should have been there an hour ago this site is sooo addictive lol.

Take care and speak tomorrow.


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi Gem 8lbs thats fab no wonder your on a high, im sooo pleased for you!

I only lost 1lb this week, can't really fatham it out :confused::confused:but im going to take my loss over a 4 week period and hopefully it will even out.

How many lbs have you lost Gem? sorry im a bit dumb at kg.
hey Tracie Ive now lost 17 in 2 weeks lol.

You'll be ok the wieght does vary with your hormones and stuff im sure it will even out you'll do great im sure of it .

My meeting was great tonight the other ladies are lovely, so supportive. got a bit teary at 1 point and a lady came and put her arm around me how sweet cant believe people are like this my experiences of meeting ne ppl isnt that good this is great lol.

How are you finding it, x x x


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi Gem 17lbs in 2 weeks is just great well done!

Im not finding it too difficult to be honest apart from today after my weigh in i was so convinced i would lose more, i have been craving food since but thankfully havn't touched any!

I dont go to meetings as such, i go for a one to one at a CDC's house, it dosn't last long mind you just to basicly pick up my packs and then away again i don't think my counsellor is very good compared to others on here but im not really a talking my feeling over kind of person so it suits me just fine. Sorry i have been babbling on, just got to keep my water intake up that's my downfall, how much water do you drink a day Gem? just you have had 2 really good losses and everyone swears the more water we drink the faster we lose ohhh there i go again once i start i cant stop.

Take care.
Thanx tracie no worries once i start i cant stop either.
I've been drinking bout 6 litres but when my counselor checked my pee stick she said i was a bit dehighdrated so made me drink four big glasses, told her how much i drank and she said im obviously someone that needs lots and lots.
I think its the sessions that do it for me i think if i had to do it on my own i would have caved in by now.

Your doin well though tracie a stone in 2 weeks is brilliant x x x
hi gem

yes all dandy here..just came from pilates and had my dinner...chicken soup as a cracker and choc/cinnamon ice cream. very impressed. full up and happy now. he he


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