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Jenna113 have a look at Fuzzys Angel's thread I think from back in December. You will find it at the bottom of your posting. If you can't find it ask again & I will try and get it for you. Enjoy!


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Well I've just made the crisps now for the first time. I made them with the thai chilli pack and added tobasco. They weren't too bad. Not brilliant but they made a nice change. I had them with Fizzy water and flavouring in a nice wine glass. I felt quite spoilt. The only thing is some of the greaseproof paper stuck to the crisps. Do you think the paper will knock me out of ketosis. Ha Ha - hope not!


can do it this time!
I tried to make the crisps with the thai mix today too - but they were a disaster! Really struggled to get them off the paper like you did!

Favourite so far is the vanilla fridge cake / cheesecake - it's fab. Def going to buy more nut bars this week to make that again.

Anyone recommend any of the other dishes?

Fuzzys Angel

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Things to Do with your CD/LL/LT Food Packs!!!!

I Got these off another forum, i made the ice-cream yesterday.....lovely hope these recipes help

Any sweet flavoured shake!

1. Put a little hot water into a ramekin dish, or whatever you have - thick mug or similar (about 2 desert spoons to begin with - you can add more later if necessary)

2. Add the pack (whatever flavour you desire) and mix it to a thick paste, so thick you think it's too thick!

3. Put into the microwave on high for just over a minute - if it looks a bit soggy in the middle put it back for about 10 seconds or so.


Variation: You could also add some of your nut crunch bar (LL) to make a Brownie!
You could add a teaspoon of coffee.

Ice Cream
Put 11 ice cubes in a smoothie maker and crush the ice. Add a food pack and a small amount of water (about 2 tbsp) and liquidise for 5 mins. You end up with a big bowl of "ice cream".

Place 10-16 ice cubes (depending on your preference), a pint of water, and your food pack in a smoothie maker and blend for approx. 3 mins. Makes about 2 pints of delicious cold frothy whatever flavour you like.

If you use a Cappuccino sachet it makes a kind of frappe - yum (that's my contribution - DJ)

Try adding one of the water flavourings for a different taste!

Bar of Chocolate!
You can make chocolate out of a chocolate pack (or choc mint). Mix the pack with a bit of water until you have a thick paste, then spread on some tin foil and put in the freezer for an hour or more. It really tastes quite like chocolate!

Variation: Use half chocolate and half vanilla for a Mars bar!

Black Forest Gateau
Put 10 ice cubes, chocolate pack, 8oz water, and 1.5tsp of summer berry (CD) or fruits of the forest flavouring (LL) into a smoothie maker and blend - ITS FANTASTIC!!

Cheesecake Smoothie - Tastes just like cheesecake!
Put vanilla pack, 10 ice cubes, 8oz water, tsp St. Clements (LL) or Citrus (CD) flavouring all in the smoothie maker and blend.

Chocolate Biscuit
Put sparkling water into a chocolate pack and then add a pinch of salt. Put this on a piece of greaseproof paper, round it into a biscuit shape and bake it in the microwave for about 2.30 minutes. The result is a crunchy chocolaty biscuit with a "dunking" texture.

Black Forest Cookie
Add 1 chocolate pack to sparkling water (3tbls give and take) add half a tsp summer berry flavour and microwave for one minute (let it settle) and you have the fluffiest cookie ever.

Chocolate Fudge
1 packet of chocolate
1/4 cup of hot water
2 or more sweeteners
1tsp of coffee (if you like)

Mix well - it should look like a thick chocolate soup. Microwave it for 2 minutes. It comes out as a thick gooey mess, which tastes like fudge!

Mix whatever sweet flavour pack you like with 200-300mls of sparkling water and pour into lollipop moulds and freeze overnight.

Bear in mind that to eat the whole food pack you will have to eat all the lollies!

Cafe Latte
Mix a hot vanilla shake with a teaspoon of coffee and some sweeteners if required.

"Chocolate Pudding & Chocolate Sauce"
Microwave most of the choc pack like a cookie but keep some aside and mix into a thick paste whilst the muffin is cooking. Take muffin out and smear with thick choc goo and eat, it really does taste nice and cools the muffin down. This can be done with vanilla 'icing' too.

Chocolate Custard
Dissolve a sweetener in approx 70mls hot water. Add a chocolate pack. Microwave for approximately 40secs. It makes a lovely hot chocolate custard. A whole pack of this can be a bit sickly so try half the quantities put it on top of a choc muffin.

Hot Chocomint
Make up some strong peppermint tea. Mix a chocolate pack with hot water and a couple of sweeteners (depending on your taste) add the tea. Microwave for approx. 20secs and stir (better if you whisk with an aero latt�) - Divine!

Chocolate Coated Toffee Sweets
Mix one Toffee and Walnut pack (or any sweet flavour you fancy) with a little water to make a thick paste. Split into 24 small lumps and put onto foil and freeze until solid. Make half a pack of chocolate into a coating the consistency of melted chocolate. Coat the toffee pieces in the chocolate and return to the freezer until solid. Store in the freezer.

Chicken Stuffing
Mix as you would do for a chocolate muffin but use a packet of chicken soup instead. Cook in microwave for 1.40 seconds or more or less depending on how dry you like it.

A Variation of the Soup
Mix the soup with a packet of savoury drink (LL) and add a bit of Tabasco and a sweetener. It sounds weird putting a sweetener in the soup, but it really does taste nice.

Mix a soup pack into a smooth paste, spread on a plate or greaseproof paper and microwave for 1 1/2 - 2 mins. when it starts to bubble open up and let it settle for a sec. keep opening and letting it settle until (the poppadom) starts to turn golden (don't take your eyes off it) - when it is golden brown take it out and let it cool, then peel it off and enjoy

Be careful of overcooking, as this will make them taste slightly bitter.

Recipe as for poppadoms above but make them into tiny bite size pieces. If you wish you can shake some salt over them before they are cooked.

Mix half a scoop of Mix-A-Mousse into half of a pack of soup and give it a good shake. Mix with hot (not boiling water) and pop into the freezer to set, this takes a few hours. With the other half, make a couple of poppadoms. Yum - Pate & Crisps.

Tetra Briks

Mix the contents of the ready made Chocolate Velvet or Banana Bliss with a scoop of Mix-A-Mousse and whisk up with a blender. Put it into the freezer for a while - you now have the most delicious mousse you have ever tried.
or just freezr a whole tetra, and it eat like icecream....

Water Flavourings

Ice Lollies
Make up the water flavouring (any flavour) - bit stronger than you'd normally make - again its all to your tasting - put into ice lolly moulds and freeze...

Lemon Sorbet
Put ice cubes in the smoothie maker with some water and blend to make it slushy, add water flavouring to your tasting - and hey presto you have a sorbet/slush puppie!!


Cut up a bar into 8 - 10 pieces. Arrange on microwave plate, I usually only put 3 in at a time to give them the space they need to expand.

Microwave for approx 1.30mins - or until you can see that they have stopped bubbling. Be careful as they may start burning from the inside out. Use a knife under the biscuits to prise them off the plate and turn them onto their backs (onto the bar wrapper) and leave until they have cooled and hardened.

CAUTION: Cambridge Manufacturing recommend that you only "cook" one food pack per day as the cooking process, even for a short time, does break down the vital vitamins and nutrients within the packs.

Note: All of these recipes take a bit of practice to perfect so don't worry if they don't turn out as you expect the first time.

Enjoy xxx