LLers with 100lbs or more to lose?

I'm so excited about my first meeting on Monday and starting my journey on Tuesday, but I'm very aware that even on LL it's going to be a longer journey than my fellow starters. I'm 5'4 and 265lbs, so I have half my current weight to lose, maybe slightly more because under all this blubber I'm fine-boned - my Mum is very similar in height and body type and she is a healthy 8 stones!

I know some of you MMers have been in this position too. I just wondered how you felt at the beginning where, even on a programme designed for people with over 3 stones to lose, I will still be the biggest, and also at the end of foundation when others in the group move into RTM, I'll be going into Developers still with lots to lose.

I am really positive aboout taking this step and I do think I'm in the best mindset that I've been in for ages; those of you who said a month ago when I was moaning about having to wait ubtil January were totally correct in predicting how useful the time would be to prepare myself for starting LL.

S. x
Hi, I have alot to lose and I'm on my 7th week of LL, I try to think more of mini goals than trying to look at the big picture (excuse the pun)
I will have to go on to developers when most of my classmates have moved on to RTM. This I am quite nervous of as you meet new people and I'm very close to my fellow LLers now.
But I'm trying to think of all the people I will get to meet and new friends I will gain.
Good luck for your first meeting, it will be the best decision you will ever make.

Don't worry about having more to lose than others or being biggest as you'll all be in the same boat. You'll also be a voice of experience when new people come on board who by then, will probably be bigger than you and have more to lose!

It's all relative. :)
Hi hun. Know how you feel. I thought I would be the biggest in my group. But in fact when I got there, I was the second biggest!
Something new and different for me! And just so that you know, if you are the biggest its not the end of the world. The lady who was bigger than me to begin with, she's smaller than me now!!

Just go with it. You'll get to where you want to be and no one in that class will judge you, whether you're the biggest or the smallest!

B x
Hi S.

I was the biggest in my group to start. Then a lady joined the week later and we were very similar in size, so I felt a kindred spirit. The others were a good few stone lighter, and did leave - some early on. I msut admit, when the first one went - I felt a rush of jealousy and uncertainty- a feeling of being "left behind" - but that soon passed. But you may feel something like that or not.

I pretty much lost half my body as well. And it WAS daunting. But nowhere near as daunting as trying to do it by conventional means. DOing the math, a stone a month if 100 % - and I knew going in I was going to be - I knew there was just no quicker way to do it. So, I went through it thinking I will be done, when I am done, though reallly wished and struggled at the 6 month period. I really wanted it to be done, and had always hoped for a magi result that early. lol

But it goes so fast. Once you are into the groove of it, and you get that feeling rightin your gut that you are going to make it this time - as soon as that fire is stoked, time flies, and before you know it - you are there.

I found out under all my fat that I am actually small boned too. That was a HUGE shock to me!!! lol Amazing what treasures we find under all our layers!! ;)

You are going to do well. I am so glad this time waiting has helped you get grounded, and ready to go.

GOOD LUCK to you!!! :)


I'm the largest in my group and to be honest it hasn't bothered me. It's only now you have mentioned it that it has occurred to me. Everyone is in the same boat and has the same issues - no one judges you.

The person I am closest to only has 3 stone to lose so will no doubt move into RTM at the end of foundation, whereas I'll go into development. Joining a different group might be daunting but it can't be any more daunting than starting LL in the first place.

Good luck - you'll be just fine.
Hi Somewhere

Please don't worry. LL is so non-judgemental. You maynot be the largest in your group but - if you are, so what.
Probavly like me you are used to being the largest person everywhere, home,shops, public transport, in the car park, swimming pool, beach, bath, cinema/theatre seats etc etc.
But you won't be for long. As BL says you soon get into the groove with LL and the changes are rapid and dramatic.
You feel different almost straight away, but other people start to notice after about 3stone. I found that my skin,nails and hair improved after just a couple of week because LL provides all the correct balance of nutrients and minerals.
I was the largest in my group, but iit was no problem. There were not many of us and 2 of us have seen it through together. The other lady moved on to RTM before me and our group merged a few times. At the thought of it both groups felt uneasy, but we soon settled and it was a positive move. We now welcome the changes. I am just about to start RTM tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to it
and getting input from people who are already introducing food and maintaining. It is so motivating and supportive.
Also I have been able to share my experiences with others who have started after me. It works very well.
I'm sure you'll be fine. And don't forget we are all here too.

:welcome2::banana dancer:
I'm the biggest in my group, but no one cares cause we're all there for the same thing.............to lose weight!
Bless you all for your kind replies and understanding me! Just a pre start date wobble methinks!
Put a postitive spin on things; if you do start out as the largest in your group, well, then soon you are going to be the biggest success story of your group! :)