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Location or size??


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Hi everyone,

We have been looking to buy a house recently now we have looked at quite a few one was a really good sized house 2 bathrooms back front side gardens big fully fitted kitchen lounge dining room & 3 all right sized bedrooms but it's in a really really bad area! now if it was just me and partner i would live there quite happily i actually know a few peeps from there and they are really nice people but i don't want to bring my kids up there, went to the local shop in that area last week and OMG there were druggies hanging around everywhere i couldn't believe it !!!

Another is a small first floor flat(needs decorated fully)with small garden tiny tiny kitchen and small living room although the rooms are spacious & it has lovely view from living room lol, and it's in a really nice area, great to bring kids up in, but i couldn't afford a house in that area hence the flat.

I have decided to go for the flat but just wondered what others would do?? as i get the distinct feeling my partner would have proffered the house. I so hope i have made the right choice :confused:
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Hi Tracie

I would definitely go for the smaller place in the better area. Like you say especially important when children and schools etc are involved.

Good Luck

Dizzy x


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Hi Tracie,

I think your doing the right thing for your family, you can trade up later on.

It has been shown in all housing market down turns property in good locations retain their value.

When buying property there are three things to look for, Location, Location, Location...

Love Mini xxx


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Oooo I think you have made the right choice I would not move to somewhere where the druggies are blatantly out and about.
Your children only have one upbringing and deserve the best you can give them....I think if it means living in a smaller place Im sure they would understnd.
Hi Tracie,
I have the opposite dilemma i live in an area that is notoriously bad but i have a very modern well looked after home that many viewers are very impressed with but they are put off by the area i am only moving to be closer to family or wouldnt move at all as its really nice when you actually live here, there are druggies and burglars who are neighbours but to coin the phrase they dont tend to s*it on there own doorstep !!
The kids love it here the community is very close and the kids look after each other you tend to keep away from the bad elements and its good . I understand your fear of the unknown but maybe you should ask your friends who live there it may not be as awful as the reputation sugests !
Whatever you decide good luck in your new home Luv Tatty Head XXX


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Location wins ....

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