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long journey?

I have a lot still to lose :) stick with this diet and it will be the quickest loses you will have seen.


Positivity is the key
Hi Jo,
starting at 20 stone 5lb I should lose half my body weight too. According to my BMI I should be 9 and a half, however I will not go by that I will go by what makes me feel good. I am aiming for 12 stone, with the proviso I may come off this at 14 if I feel it was enough and felt able to carry on with WW or some other diet. I need to get there first before I decide, as it will be a visual and feeling thing for me, not having been there before, well not since I was a teenager - too long ago to remember.
I set different goals for myself, 18 stone - just passed and the next one is 16. I know now they are doable and they are not so far into the future that I can't visualise them. I would advise you to pick a realistic goal and aim for it, it could be a clothes size, a trousers, shirt, weight, inch loss, whatever but it may keep you focused.
I want to wish you all the best with this diet, it is wonderful and once you get over the first week and into ketosis you will be flying. Can't wait for your first weigh in. Best of luck.
When i started my dieting in june last year (not on LT) i was just under 22 stone and will have lost 8 stone when i am at my goal another stone and a bit away yet. Is a long journey but so worth it

Wish i had of started it on LT tbh id be all done by now lol


I will be skinny again!!!
I think it will fly by for you chick!!!

Bev (MiniB) has lost alot aswell!! and shes done amazing on this diet and looks fabulous!!


Here we go again!
Thank you Chels, that was a surprise to read!

Hi Jo and welcome. I started this diet back in January (24 weeks ago) and have lost over 7 stones now. I start refeeding on saturday and by the end of those 2 weeks hope to have lost over 7.5 stones.

This diet is amazing, especially for us that need to lose a lot of weight. If you stick to it 100% you will lose all that you need to. I never believed when I started this that I would lose this much, don't get me wrong, I wanted to just never believed that I would.

Drink plenty of water and always remember why you are doing this. You do get tough times but just remember, you can achieve what you want to on this.

Stay positive, drink plenty and keep logging on here, it really is a lifesaver at times.

Good luck, not that you'll need it on LT. It really is the best diet ever and would recommend it to anybody needing to lose a lot of weight!
Hi and welcome. You will see the weight drop off!

I started at 19.5 stone and after 15 weeks have lost almost 5 stone already. I'm aiming to lose 9/9.5 stone in total and hope to be there by early November - I started early March which will only be 8 months in total which i think is amazing!

You can do this!!
I started at just over 22st and need to be getting to 10 or 11 so i'm in the same boat!

it's daunting when there is so much but i've lost 2 stone in 4 weeks so it spurs you on! i reckon i won't see food this side of xmas but at least i'll be slimmer and healthier when i do!!

take it one day at a time at the beginning - then it'll be one week at a time before you know it. it does go quickly.

good luck hun xxx