:( Long road ahead


Im feeling so demotivated to the point i want to give up. :cry:

I think ive gained this week and i have soo much to lose it feels impossible. :sigh: I should be having the time of my life at my age, but the past 6 years ive spent at home scared to face the world due to all the bullying i suffered because of my weight, which made me put on even more. Im so angry at myself for not doing something sooner. :(

Im scared for the end result as well i know ill have alot of loose skin. Of course its better to have loose skin than being obese and on the edge of a heart attack, but im worried that all my hard work to lose the weight will make me feel no better when im faced with loose skin and more than likely no breasts. :cry:Im gonna be a saggy mess at just 18/19. :( No man is ever going to want to come near me. :(

Im so sorry for sounding like a typical, self centered, sorry for myself, image concious 18 year old. :( And i know in time i may come to accept my body.

For just 5 minutes i'd like to look in the mirror and see something beautiful, and at the moment that seems impossible.

*sorry for myself moment over* :eek:
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Aimee, first understand the fact you are beautiful.
Your a human being with feelings, emotions, you have the ability to love and be loved.
That makes you beautiful on it's own right.

Secondly, the world we live in today, a world full of pre-made perceptions that if you are different, than you are strange, you are "ugly"... Is just plain wrong!

Do not fall to the temptation of thinking just because our bodies are slightly different than most, that we are not beautiful, that we are not entitle to be loved and cared for.

You are young, I was your age too and with a weight of around 22st back then, it was not the easiest time in my life.
I admit, it is not easy and I know far too well what is staying at home, alone in my room crying.
Thinking that I was going to be alone forever, while all my other friends were out partying and having girlfriends.

But let me tell you something Aimee, not all is bad, not everything about being big is negative.
Perhaps the single most important moment in my life, the change, the eruption of emotions and thoughts I had, it all culminated and made me realise that if people don't see my heart of gold through what my body was, then they will see through my actions, through my character and what I could do for others.

It was on that day I realised that being a different person will make much more impact than my beautiful eyes or my (soon to be) toned fit body.

You must be feeling sometimes no one would love you, that no one cares for you...
I'm afraid you are wrong, you are beautiful and loveable, just open your heart to the one with the right key.

Do this diet for yourself first and foremost, do it because it will make you happier and healthier.
But don't do it thinking that it will bring you more male attention or that people who once bullied you, will become your best friends...

Do it because you deserve to be happy, and this will make you happy I am sure.

And always remember that even though you might not consider yourself beautiful now, you are already.
By coming here and sharing this with us, you showed us that you want to change, that you feel what most of us feel or felt before.

You are not alone on this journey, with an open mind and heart, we can all do this together.


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I cant seem to find the motivation - I can go fine for about 3-4 days then I have a bad day....

It doesnt help that hubby wont let me exercise for more than an hour 4 times a week.


Thank you so much for your support everyone. I'm going to save this thread and look back on it when i'm feeling low again and realise i'm not in this alone. :)


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Aimee, first you have to choose between being obese and the possibility of saggy skin.

I say possibility because its not a given, not if you start to work on it now.

Understand first what saggy skin is. It isnt actually skin, its fat under the skin thats looks saggy once you are slim. When you lose weight, you lose muscle as well. Work on maintaining the muscle with good exercise (says the person who just wont do it!) and any exess saggy flab at the end will be minimal. Im too lazy to worry too much about saggy skin and anyway im 56 so who cares lol. But you do care, so this is a great opportunity for you to get the body you want, and at your young age you have every chance of achieving it.


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Hey man, look at my starting weight, you can do it if I can :)


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Why does your husband put a limit to the amount of exercise you do in a week?

Due to the past. I want to be able to exercise for an hour a day. It used to make me feel so so good. I just took things a little too far.

I am going to discuss the situation with him tonight and see what he says about it this time around. Still, if Lynn can do it without exercising it has to be possible!


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Aimee, I found your first post really sad and my heart went out to you. I hope you're feeling more positive now :)

You've had lots of good advice about what to do to help reduce the possibility of the dreaded saggy skin, but I just wanted to add more "positive" for you - at your age your body should be at it's premium so if anyone can avoid the saggy skin then you can! Your age will work in your favour, things definitely spring back into shape easier and quicker when you're young! :)

Good luck and keep smiling :) xx


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Aimee, just wanted to wish you success with your weight loss. Remember it's not about the destination, it's about the journey... don't look to the big final goal otherwise it'll seem unattainable. Look to the short term, set yourself small goals. Are you doing any exercise? Its not only good for toning, which you will do quickly given your age, i wouldn't worry about saggy skin if i were you! But it's also good for making you feel good. Start small, you will soon be on your way :)


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Aimée, you know my opinion on all this.
Learning to love yourself is probably the hardest thing you'll ever have to do in your life.

I don't know many people who have had as many struggles in their life as you have. I don't know many people who have had as many difficulties as I have.
When I see the things some of my friends in uni get stressed about and I compare then to want i went through from the age of sixteen to now, their difficulties are trivial. You know what I went through, and years of depression.

My family, and my close friends, told me that I was likeable person, a very likable person with many good traits. Part of me knew how good a person I am. Only recently have I acknowledged to myself that.
Not many people have as kind a heart as you have, and there's so much you have to give to the world.
No one I know has as much love in their heart, and that is going to bring you great joy as you begin to help people, inspire people, and so on. People like you make the world worth living in.

That alone makes you a more beautiful person than any model or hollywood leading lady.

Yes loose weight of course! :) But do it for yourself. The real Aimée is more than a body.

I think you know that. Be the person that you can be, do it for YOU, not for me, not for your family, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS TO MATTER TO YOU!

I believe in you.


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How are you feeling now? I really feel for you.
It will be a long journey but it will definitely be worth it in the end.
Don't let people get you down. They're really not worth wasting tears and time on.
And there is someone out there who will love you no matter what size you are. I am with an amazing man who has been with me while I have been thin and fat and he loves me no matter what size I am (he actually prefers me now I've put weight on, but he would never stop me losing it as he knows it will make me happy to be thinner again).
I hope you're feeling better now.
Don't give up, you will get there in the end and you will feel amazing when you do!
Good luck!


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Aimée, I want you to love yourself. You want to as well! :)
you'll get there.

Believe in yourself.