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Long time no see

I was on this forum in autumn 2008. I lost about 1 stone and a half on LT before my wedding day and then got caught up in married life and busy work.

Ive decided to restart LT because although I did well up to my wedding, I obviously have put a bit of weight on. Plus I want to actually one day get to my goal.

Im doing it a bit differently. Im certainly doing LT but Im not weighing in. I have a lot of mental issues with the physical act of weighing myself and I find seeing those numbers is detrimental to weight loss. So Im not weighing in for 8 weeks. Im going by my size and how I feel. Once again, my husband (was my fiance last time I was on here!) is doing this with me.

Its nice to be back on here and seeing all you successful guys. It reminds me that it definately can be done! I cant seem to find any old hands from 2008 though, anybody out there????

Its Day 1 for me today and Ive forgotten how many times I used to go for a wee a day on LT, lol!!! Ive already got bad breath and feel a bit woozy but its a nice feeling, because I remember it well...its the feeling of success!!!! Im already freezing cold as well, its definately chilly in ketosis land!

Laura xxx
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Hello Laura

I'm a newbie on here but still thought i'd give you a wave :) and a massive wish of good luck!!

Its great your hubby is doing it with you, that'll be so much more motivation with less temptation.

Yes the constant weeing, bad breath and been cold is not appealing is it lol .. but hey its a small price to pay for been slim

Good luck x


Determined and motivated!
Hey Laura,
I did lighterlife in 2008-2009 going from a size 26 to a size 14 bride in time for my May 2009 wedding. I also got caught up in married life and busy work and hit my 30th birthday in Feb this year weighing 16st 5lb after gaining 5 stone. i didn't even maintain my new weight!!
I decided to do LT and happily convinced my hubby to do the same!!
Now 8 weeks on, we have lost nearly 7 stone between us and due to refeed in less than two weeks..... just in time to cook a lovely meal for our first anniversay!!

Welcome back, hope you and your hubby do fantastic
Good luck
KT x
Welcome sweetie.

I know exactly what you mean in regard to having issues looking at the numbers on the scales. I too had that problem. I was totally convinced that was the way I was going to do it. I arranged it with the pharmacist. They had no problem with it. I planned to go in, get on the scales and no one would say anything to do with the numbers on it. This lasted a week! I then realised if I was going to conquer this damn weight problem I had to face a hell of a lot of demons!

So I bit the bullet went in the next week and asked for all the numbers to be laid on the table. They were, and I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did. It hit me like a ton of bricks but made me even more determined to succeed once and for all.

I have weighed once a week through my pharmacist ever since, and have no fear of the scales or what they say.

Good luck sweetie. I'm sure you'll both do brilliantly having each other for support.
Thanks guys! Its so nice to be back on the forums again, it really helped me when I was on it back in the day with how wonderful everyone was on here.

This is my 3rd time on a VLCD. I did Cambridge in 2007 and lost 4 stones. I then did LT Sept 2008 and lost 1.5 stones. I am aiming to lose the final 3 stones I need to get to my goal.

Day 2 and Im feeling ok. Ive just come home from a 13 hour shift and it was tough when it got to about 7pm and I was slurring my words and feeling exhausted. But a shake later and coming home to find the Hubby has lost 5lbs already (he's not such a big wuss as I am!) has really lit a fire up my big fat ass. Im back in the groove again now and totally committed to my final VLCD journey! The reason Im doing it again is not jiust because Ive gained weight but because I want to get pregnant and I want my body to be as healthy as it can be when I conceive. Its all very exciting!

Thanks for all the support xxx

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