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Long way to go

Hello everyone :)

Well i have been lurking around minimins for some time now and have finally bitten the bullet and joined.

This will be my third attempt at SW so hoping it's third time lucky. I have a lot to loose so need to keep my inspiration and motivation up and thought that posting on here would shame me into keeping on track. I know from my own experience and from reading some inspirational diaries on here that it does work, if you stick to it!

I love cooking, which is part of the reason I have got here in the first place,I just need to change the things I cook :eek:

Anyway below is the food I have eaten and am planning to eat later today, if anyone sees any mistakes or has suggestions please let me know, i need all the help I can get!

EE day
Breakfast - Pear. 2 sugars in coffee (2syn)
Lunch - Ham salad - lean ham, celery, cucumber, toms, spring onions and lettuce. Tbsp XL salad cream (1syn) Strawbs
Snack - FF yoghurt and defrosted cherries
Tea - Pork stir fry with rice - Pork, red onion, mushroom, baby corn, mange tout, green beans, garlic, chilli. Sauce will be made from free things except for sweet chilli dipping sauce 1 tbsp = 1.5 syns
175ml glass of red = 6syns

HEa - SS Milk
HEb - Fibre Plus

Total Syns for today = 10.5
Total syns for week = 10.5/105

So thats 4.5 syns so far, i am trying to save some for later as the evenings are my danger zone.

Well i think thats more than enough waffle, will come back tomorrow and update syns etc. I'm off to search the recipe threads to try and find some thrifty SW recipes

Bye for now
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Hi Corblimey (great name) and welcome to minimins. You have made the best step by coming back to SW and the best step ever by joining here.

Feel free to poke around everyones diaries and post a reply, they are more than happy for you to do that and will offer the best advice and support they can.

Don't feel ashamed, as you say in your post, we're all on here for the same reason and we all have the same goal - to be slimmer and happier in ourselves and together we'll ALL get there.

Good luck on your journey and set yourself small targets, I think if I set myself big targets I give myself a mountain I can't climb. Slow and steady wins the race.

Good luck honey xxxxxxx :D


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are you using your milk just for your brews ? Also, maybe having more food for breakfast ?? rather than just a pear.

Also, how about trying to replace the sugar with sweetners that way you use less syns on sugar and you can use them on better things. I hated sweetner, and the only one I have found I like is Sweeetness and Light, I put 4 spoons of that in a bowl, with 4 spoons of normal sugar, and shake it up, within a few days i've got used to the taste, so I can have more brews (love the coffee) without using all my syns.

Best of Luck
lisa x
Thanks for your advice and kind words ladies :D

Thats day 1 over and done with, woohoo!!

I do struggle to eat breakfast but going to try and have yoghurt with my fruit this morning. I am slowly trying to wean myself off sugar but I can't stand the taste of sweetner, however I haven't tried the sweetness and light so will pick some up when I am shopping next.

My HEa I use for brews for the whole week but I only normally have 3 cups a day and use a tiny bit of milk, I know this is probably cheating a little but I have always had a rebellious side :p. I measure 250ml of SSmilk at the start of the week as the first days HEa and 'buy' any more if needed using syns. Anyway if this seems to be impacting weightloss I will look to change it and start synning my milk as I use it.

Saddle - great advice about making little goals for myself, that way the 6 stone 5 lbs won't seem as daunting! Will start thinking of some realistic ones.

I have edited my first post in purple to show additional things I have eaten and updated syn total. Below is the food plan for today, again please let me know if I am going wrong, I have been of the waggon for a while! -

EE Day
Breakfast - Pear and FF yoghurt 2 sugars in coffee ( 2syns)
Lunch - Mixed lentil salad - Lettuce, celery, cucumber, radish, cherry toms, spring onion. Mixed lentil salad with tinned lentils, garlic, onion, toms, vinegar and wholegrain mustard (1/2 tsp so no syns)Strawberries
Snack - Defrosted cherries
Tea - Mushroom & Asparagus risotto - Mushrooms, asparagus, onions, arborio rice, stock, garlic, herbs, lemon juice [STRIKE]and a rocket salad on the side[/STRIKE]

HEa - 28g Parmesan
HEb - 28g shreddies (dry)

Also ate
4 chewy sweets (2)
Mini Milk (1.5)
Few frozen grapes (Free)

Total for today = 5.5
Total for week = 16/105

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Found last night quite difficult to be honest, we watched a film and I missed eating sweets and other naughties(which is partly the reason I have got so fat). Didn't help that the OH was oblivious and ate his way through loads of them. Anyway managed to resist except for 4 that fell in my mouth. It did help me re-examine my issues with food and eating in general.

Just updated yesterdays food (purple are the bits I have added)
Todays plan is

EE Day
Breakfast - Mango, red grapes and FF yog
Lunch - Mixed lentil salad - Lettuce, celery, cucumber, radish, cherry toms, spring onion. Mixed lentil salad with tinned lentils, garlic, onion, toms, vinegar and wholegrain mustard (1/2 tsp so no syns)Strawberries
Snack - Pear
Tea - Roasted chicken legs (no skin :() with roasted veg cous cous and salad

HEa - Undecided
HEb - Undecided

Syns - Usual (2) for sugar and rest undecided

Again will update later/tomorrow with any amendments and additions
Greeting From Ireland I need Help

Hello everyone greeting from Ireland:wave_cry:
This is my first time on the forum and my first time doing sw. This is my second week and lets just say week one was a disaster. I cant understand how pasta and rice is free ! I am one who never ate pasta potatoes or rice due my brain saying they were extremely fattening so i really cant get my head around this are they really free?. :confused:I am a stay at home mom of 2, 4years old and 9months old and i also run my own business from home you would think i would be stick thin from running around but no im 3 stone over weight and am totally disgusted with myself. I feel like crap and i am sick of wearing baggy cloths. I am doing sw online therefore i need somewhere to go for advice and support and that is you lot out there

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