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Looking for a buddy - any takers???

Hi all
I am a returner, I began on LL Jan 07 but switched to CD 4 weeks later...
I was doing really well, went from 19stone to 12.7 stone - but started to become quite ill, eventually got diagnosed with Gallstones, was put on the emergency op list just before xmas 07.
unfortunately i had lots of pre-op problems which delayed everything, i developed liver and kidney problems and pancreatitis - spent loads of time in hospital until finally had the op in March 08.
All the problems caused my thyroid to come crashing down, along with being on morphine from october last year through till april this year, i wasn't able to exercise, and was for a lot of that time house/bed bound.
i didn't gain anything until i got a lot worse in january - by Easter i had gained 3stone 7 back...
due to the complications, i had to wait until my bloods, thyroid and organ functions had returned to normal before i could go back on CD.
So here i am, back on it.... I am finding it hard mentally, i feel so cheated out of my hard work last year, I'm struggling with myself as by September last year i was able to go out and buy lots of lovely new clothes that were a real stark difference from what i felt i had to wear for years - i finally felt like myself...
But now i have drawers full of these lovely things that i cant wear, and am having to survive with the few clothes i didn't throw away last year. This is what is making it all so hard for me, makes me feel like a failure every day having to revert back to the elasticated black wide leg trousers that i lived in for years!!
To top it all I have a 20 year school reunion on september 20th - most of the people that will be going, i haven't seen for 20yrs!! I really dont want to be the fat girl in black there, i want to feel good about myself...

I now weigh 15stone1 - so almost 2.7 stone heavier than where i had got to last year, i want to get to 10 stone - so i have 5 stone to lose, which i hate saying, when last year i was only 2 and a half stone from goal.

I also have PCOS - which is what caused the gain in the first place, but thankful to have found CD as its the only diet that has worked for me - I take metformin also to help with the insulin resistance.

But i am motivated, I've done it before, I know i can do it again - only this time I want to be able to continue through to goal!!
Tomorrow I'm off to Greece to visit my parents who moved there a few years ago.
I am intending to SS the whole time, but am scared of weak moments of temptation - my biggest down fall could be the sight of a lovely ice cold frappe in the crazy heat i'm going to be thrust into!!
My favorite bar now has wifi, so i'll be taking my laptop and will be online daily no doubt!!!

I'm also in Group 9 - which will also help to keep me on the straight and narrow :)

If there is anyone who is on here loads who thinks they might be able to cope with my 'help i want a frappe' moments - that would be fab.

Have a nice day all.

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Please kick my butt!!
S: 20st0lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 41 Loss: 1st12lb(9.29%)
I'm on here quite a bit and always willing to listen and tell people off if they need it:whip: or a little bit of motivation :party0011:.

I hope your laptop copes with your intended demand.:pcwhack:

have a lovely holiday and we are all here if you need us.:wave_cry::wavey:


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G: 10st0lb
I'm looking for a buddy too, will be starting SS on 27/8. I'm currently just in the 14's and looking to lose another 4 stone! eek sounds bad when you say it like that...
thanks ladies.. my laptop can cope with anything!! if only it could tell me off!!

good stuff, i'm gonna hit the town now, and actually get my rear into gear - i've only sorted out my CD food - nothing else is organised!!!



Please kick my butt!!
S: 20st0lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 41 Loss: 1st12lb(9.29%)
i hope you get it all sorted in time hun and have a lovely time with your folks. xoxox
hi amanda, i always check into minimins on a regular basis. so sorry to hear about the problems you have had. but look at it this way hun, you have had your stone out and you wont have that pain again so by sept you could have lost 2stone by then just put your mind to it. im not one to talk ive had numerous restarts but it has been mini's that has got me back on track and in 3weeks i have lost 21lbs!!! so if you ever feel the need to eat come on here and there is always someone around to :whoopass: you can do it hun, look how well you did before yayy go amanda..go amanda :) :) xxx

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