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  1. Kezmumof3

    Kezmumof3 New Member

    Hi I'm kerrie 28 yrs old and I have 3
    Children I know I'm obese and need and want to lose weight . I tried SF and SW and it didn't work for me so a friend recommended Cambridge Diet as she has lost a lot doing the diet over the years. I want to shift this weight being a size 20 is no fun I went from a size 12 at 16yr old to size 18 with the contraceptive injection in 6 months and since haven't Been able to shift any weight .
    I've red the side effects and wondered is there anyone to Support and give advice to push me to do this for more positive reasons please xx
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  3. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    Hi Kerrie, I can't tell you if you're ready to do this diet, I can just share my experiences.
    Firstly I'll tell you it is very very hard, this diet isn't for the light hearted,
    I was on it 2 yrs ago and lost 5 stone, I was over the moon, thought I knew better, Thought I could maintain by myself, and didn't work up the steps, and now I'm back again, It's an amazing diet that really works, and fast, but you've got to be dedicated or you'll just end up wasting your money, and you won't lose weight.
    If you're planning to do Soul Source you'll have to be prepared for the headaches and tiredness that come with the 1st 4 days, but after those 4 days it gets so much easier to stick with, Also when preparing your children's meals you'll have to have so much self control not to pick at the food, I have the urge every time I cook for my son lol! Finally I'll warn you about other peoples reactions, Most people look down their nose at VLCD's because they don't understand them, I've had a lot of negative feedback from people so this time I've chosen not to tell everyone, just a few close friends. If you do take the plunge (and I really would recommend it) I wish you the very best, Just remember to stay strong and keep your goal in sight xxx

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