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Loopy's back to size 10 diary!

Have been lurking around on minimins for a while and always inspired by everyone so here goes my turn!
Have put on a stone recently mainly through boredom (changed jobs and now sitting down all day eating choc - ooops) so now is the time to take action and get those lbs off!
Will weigh myself tomorrow if I can find the scales and have a go at the rc kick start in between festivities so i can properly start in the new year. Wish me luck!:)
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OMG! Just weighed in (couldn't wait until tomorrow!) and I am 10st 7 so I have 1 and a half stone to lose - aargh! At least this is the wake up call I needed. It's going to be damage limitation as much as poss over chrimbo and then dedication in January!
Hi loopy and welcome to the forum. It's very quiet on here of late and some of us are posting more over on the calorie counting thread. I am at rc classes and have went way off the Mark the last few weeks. I have a bout 45 lbw to lose which is a tad more than you but if u would be interested in having a weight loss buddy on here for the new year then I'm your woman lol. I'm not really thinking about losing weight and getting myself back 'in the zone' until the new year as I don't see the point in depriving myself over the festivities haha.

U will have that wee stone and a half shifted in no time with rc. And if ur able to find time to exercise then all the better.

Good luck hun and merry Xmas xx
Thanks Emz! Fab idea! I don't have any classes near me so I am hoping this diary will give me enough motivation and if we are there to keep an eye on each other even better! Am hoping walking will be enough for exercise as I can't afford the gym at the mo. And Christmas is def not good for healthy eating. Am out tonight to an Italian restarant for dinner but I figure if I still write everything down it will stop me from having too much choc!
Food for today is (hopefully) going to be:
B - toast and jam - 200
sn - apple
l - cheese sarnie and apples - 300
sn apple (yes overdoing the apples I know but have loads in the fridge!)
D - italian restaurant (?!!) but going to try and show restraint and not have dessert. Wish me luck and lovely to meet you Emz! Merry christmas everyone!!
Dinner was a gorgeous spinach and ricotta ravioli in Tom sauce and 1 glass of wine- delicious! No idea of the calories but I don't care it's Christmas! Whoop!
ok, so today I have so far dodged the pastries, choc and pizza at work so am pleased!
B - jam on toast - 200
l cheese sarnie - 300
d - with the inlaws so no idea... Will be back on Monday so def off plan this weekend! Looking forward to getting back to it next week. I am hoping for ea sports active for xmas so I can shed those lbs in january!
Have had a lovely Christmas and was chatting about getting healthy to my oh today and am now thinking that slimming world might be the way to go. Apparently it is good as you don't really have to count calories. If anyone is reading this what do you think of either calorie counting or slimming world? Have a few days to work out what to follow so will do some research methinks...
Hey loopy glad u had a great Christmas. I had a lovely day too but ate and drank way too much lol. As regards to SW I also did it for a while and yes it is a good diet as u get to eat loads but it doesn't give u any portion control like RC or calorie counting. This was my downfall as I would eat way too much and fill my plate to the brim. But if ur happy with the amount u eat and just wanted to learn better food choices then SW may be the way forward for you. I need the restriction of calories to restrict my portions.

So good luck in whatever way u choose to go. Keep posting and let us know xxx
Thanks for the info emz. Have had such a lovely few days but like you have totally overdone the drink and just couldn't say no to the selection boxes! Dread to think what the damage is now. Am not sure which way to go as I know if I try to be too strict with myself I tend to rebel and binge and then think oh sod it I give up for the day ( and then I eat everything in sight). I have felt sick sooo many times from eating huge amounts. And then I feel really guilty and it all starts again... But I am scared that if I go for sw I will end up with massive portions and then not lose... Rats!!! If only it was more easy lol! Am leaning towards sw at the mo because it was the bingeing on far too much that has meant the stone and a half weight gain this autumn. I was 9 st 3 in spring this year and am so annoyed I put on so much. Grrr... Okay rant over and I feel better lol!
As this is a food diary should better write down food!
Brunch - 2 White toastie slices and half a tin beans - 400ish
Tea - 2/3 tin beans , jacket potato and frozen mixed veg - approx 650
Milk in tea - 200
Highlights hot choc - 40
Total - 1300 ish!!
Not hungry at all today as have bad so much over Xmas! Will try to stick to under 1500kcal for the rest of the week as will prob drink my body weight in wine on new years eve! Still thinking about sw as it must be lovely to not count caloriesin veg / potatoes etc...
Hey loopy no I not back in the zone yet. I am not starting back into it till the Monday after new year. I'm gonna do the 1200 cals for 2 weeks and then 1400 as that's how ur supposed to start rc. I find even sticking to this that I am not hungry. And it's amazing the amount of good food u can cram into 1200 cals. I use the rc portion pots and this definitely helps me to control my portions. Rc encourages you to eat healthy with the cals that u have. But if u think that sw may be better for u then go for it. Every diet works if u can stick to it. But rc definitely seems to be the one that does it for me. Like u, if I go off the rails a day I throw the rest of the day out the window and eat everything that ain't pinned down lol.!!! But I really know I can get a grip of it when I really try. Sw consists of a lot of foods that u can eat freely so if u don't wanna have to think about portion sizes too much then it would maybe suit u better.
As I have the rc book and already have the portion pots am gonna go with rc. Also, I go out with my friends every week and the fact rc gives you an alcohol allowance is really appealing ( although you are prob not supposed to drink your alcohol cals in one session! Have loads of nights out in jan so think I will go straight to the 1400 cals a day as I don't think I could do two weekends without a drink ( oh dear I sound like I have a problem lol). I really like the routine of rc too as you can always know you have a snack or meal every few hours. Will see how it goes...
Hey loopy Lou that's great that u are going to do RC. I'm going to start another food diary on here too so we will be able to exchange our foods etc. And as regards to the wine etc....my RC leader says when u on 1400 it's fine to have the bottle in one go if u want lol. As long as u save ur cal allowance for it. I've no major plans for jan so I'm going to try the 1200 for 2 weeks and try give myself a wee kick up the backside lol. My first class in the new year is tues 4th so I aim to have day 1 of 1200 cals over me and day 1 of shred done (eeeeek!!) when I go to class. So onwards and thinwards loopy Lou.... I am really looking forward to getting started and sharing my experience on here with u.

Oh and as regards to shred, I have the weights I just need to go get a exercise mat and then I'm ready to start. I'm starting it on the Monday 3rd. When were u thinking of starting it.?? I think the idea is to do 10 days of each level (crikey)..!! Be great if we had a stab at it and started it together. And we both got IPhone so should be easy enough to check in everyday. :) xxxx
Whoop to you putting up a diary emz that would be ace! I just did shred level 1! OMG I cannot lift my arms up above my head as they have no strength left lol! It is def the hardest DVD I have done but I kept telling myself it's only 20 mins lol! I used my oh weights which were 5 lb each and they made it tough! Are you going to do shred every day without a break? Bet that is gonna make me ache so much! Might alternate it with davina on week days and have my weekends as rest and go for walks then or something. It has def woken me up today so will be great to do in the mornings! Am working tomorrow so will be interesting to see what it's like doing fitness DVDs at 6 in the morning! Am so glad we can motivate each other :)

Food for today:
B porridge 200
Sn 12 grapes 50
L nandos - am gonna go for a mixed salad with halloumi cheese and audition and loads of tomato ketchup. Am thinking it should be 300ish cals?
Sn 12 grapes
D don't know yet but will stick to 400 cal
Have a great afternoon people!
Yeah I'm going to try to do the whole 30 days everyday for month of jan. For some inspiration...if u go over to the Cambridge forum there's a few girls have already done it and posted their before and after pics and they look AMAZING..!!!
That was what motivated me to do it in the first place so why don't u go over and have a peek. They're all onto the 2nd round of doing it now.
So I'm off to town now to get my exercise mat. Will catch up later. Sooo great to have a buddy to talk to on here now xxxx

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