Loopy's back to size 10 diary!

Argh! Just weighed in and I'm 143.5lb. Have put on 11lb since Christmas. I'm not surprised though. I have been eating way too much bad food. Ah well. Am back on the wagon now so hopefully I can get it off by August.
food today will be:
B beans on toast and porridge 400
snack marmite sandwiches 400
l quorn chilli 400
d veg pasta 400
sn cheese on toast 400
exercise - 40 mile bike ride
Just off for a bike ride and it looks like its gonna rain! Eurgh! Am really pleased I have started my diary again though. I forgot how nice it is to write everything down and feel in control again :)
Night shifts start tonight. Am getting ready to feel very tired lol!
Food today will be
B beans on toast and porridge 400
L marmite sarnies 400
5pm porridge and beans on toast
D veg pasta
Midnight snack marmite sarnies
Total 2000

Am doing another 40 mile bike ride too so have a feeling I will be mega tired tonight!
You'll get that gain off! Dunno how people do nights. There's nights at my work but i never do them. Id fall asleep lol
Hey bostik! How are you doing?
Night shift didn't go very well. I ended up having cereal so probably had around 2,500 cals altogether! Burnt a ton of cals on my bike ride though so all should be okay. When I do a bike ride and then night shift I am gonna have 2,400 cals I think and then 2000 on all the other days. Another night shift tonight. Will stick to 2,000 for definitely! :)
Lol just got begged to do a night shift today. Doing one next week. Dreading my eating that day/night!
Hope it goes okay honey! I only have day shifts now for a couple of weeks so I'm very pleased :)
Today will be 2,000 cals and will do a bike ride but not sure how far I will go! Am shattered!
Am back to under 140lbs today. Whoop! Am going to have 1600 net cals and then add in exercise calories like I did before Christmas. Hopefully it shouldnt take long to get back to 130lbs. 40 mile bike ride today and then I am going to watch wrestling at the O2! Should be hilarious! Have a great day all! :)
Wrestling? I love wrestling haha. And the atmosphere is brilliant when you go see it live.
Im watching it now!
Haha you got to see the funkasaurus! :p
Am still counting cals on and off but not got back into gear properly! I'm now 10 stone so only have a stone to go :) I'm doing the moon walk tonight so excited about that :)
Have got a body media fit armband and unbelievably I burn around 3000 cals on a day shift at work so no wonder I get the urge to binge after a shift - I actually must be really hungry lol!
So I'm kind of doing my own plan for different days.
Days off - 1600 cals and then will have a bottle of powerade after every 6 miles when I'm running ( as training for a marathon in September)
Day shifts at work - 2000cals
1st night shift - 2000cals
Following night shifts - 1600 cals
I'm going to stick to this which should be good for weight loss. When I have nights out or dinners with friends I'm going to relax and enjoy myself. I have now realised that if I put myself under too much pressure with calorie counting or losing weight I end up going off the rails and bingeing. This time around I am going to be controlled but relaxed with my eating plan :) fingers crossed it works :)
Thats a lot of calories burned! Hope the plan works!
Wow! Can't believe it's been so long since I last posted! Long story short - I lost weight with calorie counting and actually lost too much and had to put weight back on! My other half and I are thinking about baby-making in a couple of years so I'm currently learning to cook and I'm following slimming world as my midwifery friends think it's the healthiest eating plan for the family ( and I am so bored of weighing food etc!). I'm not looking to lose or gain anything nowadays. I'm very happy being 10 stone and a size 12 :)
I'm loving my running at the moment and have run 5 marathons this year. My goal is to run 100 marathons before I'm 50 so I have 20 years to run another 93 marathons :) I finished my last marathon of the year two days ago so I'm looking forward to a week or so of recovery and then I shall do short runs and add a couple of circuit classes each week. I'm excited about joining the gym as I haven't done any classes in over a year!
So I guess I'm resuming this diary so I can chat about life and it's trials as I have missed writing down my thoughts.
I'm nearing the end of the 1st year of my nursing degree so i want to be able to cook and eat well by the time I finish the course (and start the baby making!).
Toodlepip! X
Baby minimins... yay!!!

Well done on the running and slimming world, you sound like a super fit and healthy lady... perfect mummy material.

Good luck with everything. Xxx

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