Loopy's back to size 10 diary!

I have been rubbish with keeping to plan (as in waaaay too many cals) mainly due to doing mental shifts and seem to be comfort eating again when I finish a long shift. Have weighed in today and am 132.7lbs so I'm drawing a line under my rubbish few weeks and getting back on it!
Today I'm going to do a 9 m run (hopefully) and then I am on night shift tonight.
Have pre logged my food into mfp and it will be about 2,450 cals so I'm going to stick to this and not cave in when I am shattered at 6am in the morning! I can do this! I just need to stick to my plan and stop the comfort eating! It only makes me feel crap so I need to nip it in the bud. Okay, confession over with :) have a great day people! X
Enjoy your run!
Thanks bostik!
It was a fun run but I'm not sure if I should have done it before I start my night shift soon lol! Let's hope I am not too tired working tonight!
Haha true! Good luck :p
Okay, mad shifts have finally stopped and I have 3 days off now, yay!
Have booked a pt workshop for 17th march which I'm really excited about! That gives me just over 8 weeks to get into really good shape so I look fab with the other personal training students. I am going to stick to 1600 cals and keep up my running. I also want to try and add in a DVD like 30 day shred once or twice a week too for a bit of resistance work. This will be tough to do with my shift pattern but I'm going to try really hard and I have the forthcoming workshop as my big incentive to get that bit fitter. I really don't want to disgrace myself with the other gym bunnies lol! Fear is definitely a good motivator so here goes... :)
I promise to write down my food from now on too! I have been dreadful lately so putting it all down each day again will keep me accountable :)
Hiya! Had a huge snooze today. Catching up after my night shift :)
Food today is:
B beans on toast and porridge 416
L fruit and yogurt 323
D beans, veg, burgers 520
Total 1259
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Sleep sounds fab. I find it always helps when I write all my food down for the day. Should do it more often really. I used to write it on here every evening, must start it again. :)
Squeezyweezy said:
Sleep sounds fab. I find it always helps when I write all my food down for the day. Should do it more often really. I used to write it on here every evening, must start it again. :)

Yep me too and then I got lazy when I found mfp lol!
Have had a great day out today. It was my father in laws 60th so we went to a lovely menu and had a great meal and I had 2 glasses of wine and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I tried to estimate my cals today and I think they were around 1900 so not too bad!
Tomorrow I am doing a chocolate workshop with my friend so again will have to estimate cals but as we will be having tons of choc I am thinking it will be over 2,000! Am going to enjoy myself though and get back to 1600 cals on Monday. Hope everyone is having a fab night :) x
The chocolate workshop was awesome! So funny! As we were doing lots of tasting am not really sure of the cals but I don't care as it was mega fun :)
Back to normal tomorrow - getting up at 5:15am for a 12.5 hr shift at work (oh joy!). Will get back to 1600 cals daily. Night night! X
Glad it was good! Boo to work though! Night :)
Hi guys! Sorry I went AWOL! I got sick so haven't been counting my cals. Haven't wanted to weigh myself as I don't want to feel rubbish lol! Back on my usual 1600 cals now though :) hope everyone has been good! Xxx
Hope youre feeling better
Oooops! Got out of the routine of calorie counting and have eaten tons of rubbish! Very bad I know but I have stepped up my training big time so was getting mega hungry. But it's time to get back on the calorie wagon as I want to be 9stone again for the summer and bikini weather :)
Have eaten my weight in choc eggs this Easter so must get back on it!
I am going to aim to eat 2000 cals each day which will be 5 meals at about 400 cals each :)
I don't want to even think about what I weigh at the mo so will weigh in on the 1st may and then on the 1st of every month after. Am doing tons of cycling so will let you know what exercise I do each day too. Am excited about being accountable again :) wish me luck!
Argh! Just weighed in and I'm 143.5lb. Have put on 11lb since Christmas. I'm not surprised though. I have been eating way too much bad food. Ah well. Am back on the wagon now so hopefully I can get it off by August.
food today will be:
B beans on toast and porridge 400
snack marmite sandwiches 400
l veg pasta 400
d veg pasta 400
sn cheese on toast 400
exercise - 40 mile bike ride